Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prolific thanks

My thankful posts on the blog have been sporadic but my toting remains prolific. A journal  sits constant on the left side of my desk... ready for me to jot down the next one and the next. The thankfuls, they just don't hop off that page and onto the screen like they should.
But they are here and I am thankful.

Thankful for....
That patch of warm sunlight on the couch and just sitting in it and sighing
For homemade cards on birthday- Hallmark cannot compete
A full to the rafters freezer... 1/2 a pig in there and more!
Finding winter coats for my kiddos at the thrift store- each one under $10!
Mason jars as drinking glasses... I'm classy like that
50# bag of red potatoes
Blessed repeats on this thankful list
Ms. Books budding photography talent
The kids helping make the meals
Friendship bread and recipes that use up all the starter except one for me to continue on
My ankle still pains me, yet I walk. For that I am most humbly grateful.
My son's crazy smile
Sass's dimple right under her eye
Ms. Books amazing freckles and lovely red hair
My kiddos school pictures- taken by me... with a barn in the background. Sigh.
Shredding chicken in my Kitchenaid mixer- what a revolutionary Pinterest tip!
My children asking me what makes Mr. Steady the perfect match for me
Finding out after I tote some wonderful things that my man is standing behind me in the doorway with his heart in his eyes
My boy's silly fun drawings... of fat round birds
Sass's sketching
Ms. Books singing
Salted caramel... yum!
Getting creative with leftovers and the bit of extra give it allows in my grocery budget
Wonderful big bags of hand-me-downs from my Dear Sweet Friend... all for my boy!
The jar of colored markers I use for scheduling, oh for the love of color-coding!
Funny family pictures that really capture our essence!
Nutty squirrel art made for me by my Sis
Overflowing, overwhelming worship
Him and me-- bookends
Sharing the couch... with everybody for family movie night
Old barns
My niece Ree with her piggy tails and hilarious laugh and love of swinging up high
Singing loud to the radio in the car with the kiddos
Cloth grocery bags
Mr. Conductor's spontaneous singing during school
Dinner by candlelight
Sass's wild hyena laugh
Ms. Books skeptic look
Cold, crisp sunsets
Home cooked meals
Hearing and seeing
Walking and talking
Secret birthday plans
Verses that are tailor made for my day... like this one

God's just right provision and perfect timing to meet needs we didn't even know we had 'til they are right there upon us... and instead of tossing our hands in the air in frustration, the Mister and I both look at each other and laugh, saying, "So that's why God did that- it was for this!"
The kids are giddy about a simpler more homemade Christmas
Expanding our Samaritan's Purse giving... taking care of a few gifts on our list by giving the gift of clean water to a family who has none.
Coffee filter snowflakes
Eggnog in my hot chocolate,  topped with a dollop of marshmallow cream
Catching a glimpse... my girl has taken an ink pen to her arm... not for just any doodling, she's written a verse on her hand that she needs today.... who am I to complain about that!?!

His endless gifts #1859-1900


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