Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday, Yelling, God and Miscellany

My pocket verse this morning....

I believe this may, or may not be due to the fact that today is Monday.
Okay- I know it's because it's Monday.
School today has been all over the map... it could have very well been titled: The Good, The Bad and the Awfully Ugly.
Yeah, it's that kind of Monday.
Hence the pocket verse... a life line today. A reminder.

My awesome, amazing, loves-me-to-pieces Mama came and picked up the kids late this afternoon to take them home with her... to "give them fresh air to combat the squirrellies".
This translates into PawPaw is chopping and hauling wood and could use the help. I gladly hand over my children to be his laborers today. Gladly.
And they all gladly go.
Ah.... quiet.

I'm working on editing some photos from a photography session I did last week. A paying gig. Yay me.

A paying gig that came just in time to help with the paying of unexpected repair on the car. Isn't it just like my God to think ahead for me like that? I am ever so grateful for His amazing timing.

I'm also working on a secret project for Ms. Books' sixteenth birthday. I try not to think of how my girl is growing, instead I focus on the celebrating. It works better for me that way. We're doing some mega fun celebrating. She's gonna flip over all the celebrating and we'll just soak it all in. 

I'm liking my hot cocoa with a good dose of eggnog and topped with a big ol' dollop of marshmallow cream. It makes me happy.

Happy. Happy. Happy.
.... um, I may, or may not be liking me a bit too much Duck Dynasty right now. *wink*

I'm also working on Christmas decorations.... simple, simple, simple.
Because all and I mean ALL of my Christmas decore is packed away in my parent's basement.  And Mr. Steady has put his foot down about hauling it all back here for a few weeks of loveliness. So I'm on plan b right now. The Simple, Frugal plan. It's challenging.... but I so love a challenge.
No over-the-top decorating to the gills this year.... and that's okay. Over-the-top is not me this year. I want simple. I want homemade. I want more time with my family and less fluff.
I want CHRISTmas Presence.
Not Christmas presents.

It's gonna rock.

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