Monday, November 5, 2012

Misc. Monday- Complete Randomness

Why is it that my days seem to be getting away from me so very quickly of late?
Why is it that when I decided to start planning and plotting out blog posts that all my "set aside for blogging" time has been eaten away by life in general?
And my Kindle is on the fritz... my replacement Kindle.
Yesterday the toilet backed up.
Today, Mr. Conductor wanted to hum/sing 80's TV show theme songs instead of reading to me.... not all, just his top 3 favorites: The A-team, MacGyver and Knight Rider. He told me he  forgot the theme song to Magnum P.I. He asked if I'd play the opening credits for him so he could remember.... I declined.
This is what happens when you have Netflix and only Netflix and you find out that inside it's bowels is harbored most of your cheesy, childhood favorites... and you decided to reminisce and share the experience with your children... that's how that happens.


I turned 39 on Saturday.
Mr. Steady and me

It was an exceptionally great day to be 39. My family was most obliging and piled into the car with snacks and books for a three hour drive to the field  trip destination of my dreams- Ikea. It was way too crowded but we were troopers and had a marvelous time. We made a quick stop at the most yummiest Cupcakery for my birthday cake... okay, make that two cakes, as in cupcakes. Which are kinda big in the cupcake department, which they should be since they cost over $2 a piece, but are oh-so-very-worth-every-expensive-scrumptious-bite. It was a half-dozen deal... and with five in the family- I deduced the birthday girl should receive the extra cupcake. Really, it only makes perfectly logical sense.
Good news was I decided one cupcake at one sitting was plenty and saved it for later. Later became today, and I graciously cut it in half and shared with Mr. Steady.
Speaking of Mr. Steady, his birthday was Sunday. Yes, our birthdays are right together. We're fun like that. We had a big table-busting family dinner yesterday of some of Mr. Steady's favorite foods, then we all took naps. In the evening, we played games, laughed lots, and ate cupcakes made by my Dear Sweet Friend.
It was a most wonderful weekend.
And....  I'm still bilking the birthday- we're going out with friends tonight to celebrate.

Since I was turning 39 and that's kind of an important number, or so it seems, I decided I want mark this next year where I creep ever closer to fabulous forty a fun and very memorable one...
I'm making notes and plotting plans because I pinned this from See Jamie Blog awhile back and I'm going to do something pretty much along these lines with my own flare, of course....

Did you check it out? Doesn't that sound super great? Mr. Steady says I like to squeeze every last ounce of fun and pampering I can from a birthday. No doubt.
I'm hoping to share my list once I've tabulated it and Mr. Steady and I've conferred over it....
I wonder how Jamie's list is going? Hmmm.

Continuing with such randomness.... as far as Mondays and school goes- today was a super. It no doubt has to do with that extra hour we were graced with this weekend (Daylight Savings) and our bodies haven't quite adjusted yet... getting up on time this morning was an easy feat for each of us. How lovely.

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