Thursday, November 29, 2012

{Guest Post} Thankful Daughter

Another guest post from my girl, Ms. Books. I love her writing style and thought processes. Her assignment for class was to write a thankful post.
She did.
and here it is along with her stunning photographs.
Bravo, Daughter. Bravo.

I am thankful for clothes, mittens and unique hats that keep me warm and show my style.
My sense of humor that is shared and understood by my family and sometimes my friends that also provokes many smiles to be shared as well.
The beautiful colors I can see when sunlight streams through stained glass windows.
Memories, good and sometimes bad, to remind us of a punishment that was the consequence or a reward that was earned because of certain actions committed by me and others.
Homemade bread that warms the whole house and puffs out steam a little when you sink your teeth into its buttery depths.

Dunkin’ buddy time that is shared between my father and brother; I can never look at Oreos and not think of that.
My bible when it shows the perfect passage at the beginning of the day for a choice that will be made correctly at the end because of it.
Ice cream when it drips down the side of the cone and you have to hurry up and lick it before it falls on the ground.
Music that can be so powerful that I can’t just sing it, but I have to sign it with my whole being in worship, the words flowing in me and through me.
Eating warm soup that’s been percolating all day along with some crackers on a day when I’m not feeling well or just when I feel like it because it is a comfort food for this girl.
Hot cocoa in a mug wrapped up in my fingers as I watch the marshmallows bob around in the dark chocolate pool.

Learning history to remember the past so as not to repeat it but learn from it, and to cherish the present all the more.
My family starting the tradition of giving gifts through Samaritans Purse to each other instead of buying things we don’t really need or might not ever use.
Family vacations that usually end up being in our own beautiful state so we can see new things or old ones we enjoyed so much we had to go again.
Civil war re-enactments that make history come alive and give you a new perspective on the men that died in the battles all for the cause of freedom.

My Nana’s outlook on life that makes mine more colorful and my Pawpaw’s work ethic and servant's heart that he has in everything.
My Daddy’s steadiness that emanates throughout all he does and my Mama’s nuttiness that everyone likes about her.
My brother’s cute drawings of birds that he does all the time and my sister’s laugh that makes you laugh right along with her.
I am so thankful that my God loves me so much to die for me, forgives me daily, holds me when I am hurting, and rejoices with me about blessings in disguise.

I am thankful for a lot of things in my life, some more so than others. But it is the little things, the everyday, eating, sleeping, homeschooling life that I lead that makes the special things even more special, the boring thing less boring, and everyday a gift undeserved. 


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