Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Studying Jamestown

We are currently in the midst of studying Jamestown for history.
I thought I'd share some of the extras we've added to make it more interesting and interactive.

I am also posting this for my own self- so that I can pin it to my homeschool board after finding that some of these sites aren't "pinnable".

Mr. Conductor loved this online Jamestown Adventure from National Geographic.

National Geographic also has this great interactive resource for the older kids. Plus there's a National Geographic special on Jamestown available on Netflix. We're planning on watching it (a bit of parental previewing first though).

After finally figuring out that I had pop-ups blocked- we were able to get History Globe's Jamestown Online Adventure to work. I had Sassafras- my middleschooler play it. It was shorter than the National Geographic one and while the N.G. one was geared more towards Mr. Conductor, she liked it better as it was more interactive.
My kiddos have done a good bit of studying on Jamestown so the multiple choice questions posed by the History Globe site were easy to answer as they already knew what would have been the best choices based on their research, even Mr. Conductor thought it was too easy and prefered to make the worst decisions to see how things would end up.

Jamestown 400 is another site that offers some interactive pieces- it was created to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown (which would have been in 2007). Ms. Books said it was "okay" but not as easy to navigate as she would have liked. There was quite a bit of tourism info attached to it, which really wasn't what we were looking for.

Ms. Books and I found this website on the history of Jamestown to be interesting. We liked the links to photos and more information. Ms. Books likes to dig deeper and read the back story.

Virtual Jamestown has some great maps, interesting 3-D images of the settlement and the complete writings of John Smith. This would not be for younger learners like Mr. Conductor but for middle school/high school level of interest.

These interactive links are great but I must share that we are having the most fun (and entertainment) listening to the audio version of this book

Elisa Carbone did an amazing job of taking research and historical fact about Jamestown and used it to weave an amazing story.  Its a seriously good page turner- a must read in this house. We love the audio version with all the different voice inflections to pull the listener in. This blog right here was created as a book discussion. 


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