Monday, October 15, 2012

Steeping in the Abundant Overflow

Every day I am jotting down my ever growing list of thankfuls and my heart fills as the number grows.... I love looking back at what has already been written, remembering that day and knowing the story behind that one particular thankful and my heart deepens with more gratitude piled on top of more gratitude. I cannot stop. I must daily give thankf for all He gives this undeserving me.

His endless gifts #1781-1825

Cozy warm blankets and steaming cups of tea
Hot cocoa with with dollop of marshmallow cream
Beautiful and round orange pumpkins... one for each kiddo
Pumpkin recipes and apple cider
Making homemade applesauce that tastes just like my Gram's use to
Expanding our canning... more for us to enjoy over the winter
Getting creative with the family budget
Reading a scripture that zings straight to my heart
Sharing my love of photography with my girls
Mr. Conductor's hilarious "round bird" drawings... drawing them special to send to friends
Baking donuts with Ms. Books
Decorating for fall with the kids
Pumpkin and apple scented candles burning
Big family dinners with platters full of good food, mostly homegrown, being passed from one to another
This wonderful idea I have percolating for a couple of amazing birthday gifts for my girls upcoming special days... a gift that will uplift and encourage and grow them... oh so exciting!
The smell of fall right outside my door
The leaves, oh those glorious, colorful leaves!
Only four five-gallon buckets of walnuts from the big tree
A friend wanting all 4 bucketsful... and just like that they're gone
Eeking out the last produce of the summer gardens
Drinking from Mason jars like it's fancy glassware... oh the homey farmy-ness of it
My boy's painstaking handwriting... a note, just for me
His daddy, in the early morning before leaving for work, jotting down a quick note of encouragement to the boy on the margins of the boy's math lesson
Mine and the boy's grins as he read that jotted note outloud

Overwhelming worship
Trusting for the better not just that the worst really isn’t the worst
Quiet comfort
Being held
That I cannot out-give God… ever
New friendships
Deepening friendships
Freckles on faces
This colorful landscape
Listening to my son breathing as he sleeps
The tight hugs & sloppy kisses of my niece
Worshipping beside my sister
He welcomes the sacrifice of my everyday ordinary life (Rom 12:1)
Autumn rain
Daily He reminds me that He is enough for even my neediest moments
Little Boy joy over the mailman bringing the Holiday Lego Catalog…
Ms. Books excited about the Samaritan’s Purse catalog… making a list of what she wants to give for her birthday
The knowledge that my life overflows abundantly with blessings


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