Monday, October 29, 2012

Misc. and my life this last Monday of October

Writing randomness today....

1. I woke up this morning with this song on my heart, lips and mind...

The words stir my heart. I cannot help but thank God endlessly for how He has kept me from so many, so very many should have been's. It leaves me overflowing with gratitude... so much so that I want to share; I want to impact others the way He has impacted me. Oh Jesus open my eyes, my heart, my hands to what I can be doing right here, right now for You.

2. I am currently enjoying a nice cup of Ginger Peach Tea... I love this tea. I love that I buy it at Aldi ($1.99 for 24 tea bags in a cute tin). Oh, how I heart Aldi. If it weren't for Aldi we'd be on beans and rice here. Which I must add, I don't like as a combo much.

3. Tonight is my monthly Mom's Nite Out with my homeschool group gal pals. On one hand, I'm most sincerely looking forward to girl time and girl food... on the other hand, I look at my schedule and my to do list and think of all the other things I should be doing.
Oh, but I know how it will end up- I'll go to mom's nite and love every bit of it, come home renewed for a new day tomorrow and that will be worth an evening of unfinished chores. A renewed right perspective is always better than trudging thru a list of chores.

4. I'm thankful for Sassafras's spontaneous help folding laundry this morning. For some unfathomable reason our laundry has tripled this past week and I'm struggling to catch up. That's very unlike me... but yet, the conversation I had with her has we folded clothes together... was my ah ha moment, my thoughts being "Oh, this is why I didn't get to it, because she needed time with just me." Time when hands are efficiently busy but hearts and minds can speak and wander. I forget too often how much my sweet middle child needs these moments with me. 
Lord, please keep bringing these impromptu moments up for us two. We so very much need them.

5. We took our annual family pictures on Saturday. For some reason I love the goofy ones best. It takes so many pictures to get it right.... 

There is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.

6. This is one of the ones that we just about got right...

7. I love this amazing, crazy, ridiculous, overwhelming family God has blessed me with... I can't imagine not having this man to wake up beside each and every ordinary day. I can't imagine not having Ms. Books give me the infamous look, or Sass's laugh and dimple just under her left eye... I can't imagine not having my little man with his love of hats, tractors, oreos, old cars, ties, trains and Legos. Each of them adds so much to my heart. They exasperate and challenge me on a daily basis but the love, oh the love and the laughter we have together.... it makes the toughest days worth it all. Perhaps, even more so.

8. Writing that made my eyes a  bit leaky... they get that way sometimes...

9. I am reading this book outloud to Mr. Steady and it's rockin' our world. I wanted to go outside and circle the house in prayer at midnight thirty the other night... that's how much it's getting me. It's also led to the most amazingly wonderful birthday gift idea the two of us have ever thought of... seriously.

10. We have finished our first nine weeks of school. Whew. We've had to make some adjustments....something I've never been quite willing to do in the past and which has always caused much gnashing of teeth because of my stubbornness.... good adjustments. After six years of homeschooling, I'm finally learning to be a bit more flexible. Finally.

11. Something that we've been praying about for months and months has been removed from our lives. It's a good thing. We're praying God's will for what will take it's place and that excites and scares me spitless at the same time.

12. My kiddos got a gi-normous amount of laffy taffy from trunk-r-treat.... they are treating me with the reading of every single joke from each and every wrapper.... I may have to sift through and eliminate some candy today....

So what's your miscellany this Monday? Share a link to your blog in my comments and I'll pop over for a look-see.

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