Friday, October 19, 2012

Looking forward to where this is heading

Earlier this week, I read this great post from Christian Mommy Blogger about making your blog an e-ministry.
I have to say, that post completely resonated with me.

 [Please click the link and pin directly from their site]

I love this simple statement from Nikki: "eMinistry is a way to educate, encourage and energize you. As a result, you can then educate, encourage and energize your readers."

That's exactly how I feel when I have a spare moment to jot down a portion of my God journey right here. It energizes and encourages me to share and I pray that those posts encourage and energize each person who pops in to read them. 

Today I had an epiphany while on a rabbit trail... It all started when I began catching up on some favorite blogs... 
It started with Jamie of See Jamie Blog and her post here about a blogging conference she went to.
Then I hop/skipped over to here where I read this post by Tsh of Simple Mom. Which in turn reminded me that our family had begun constructing a purpose statement (or mission statement, if you so prefer) after reading Tsh's orginal post a few years ago (original post). We never really finished it. Which led me to make this note on my weekly schedule: Discuss and finalize family purpose statement this week.

And like the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie... this led me to thinking how my blog should have a purpose statement.

I want to write a purpose statement for my blog.
I want to put it down in writing what I am attempting to accomplish in this space.

I'm not exactly sure what it's going to say yet... I know the words common and contented should be in there somewhere....
Here's what I wrote on my Facebook Page in the "about" tab:
A Contented, Common Life is a glimpse into my every day-ordinary, common, crazy, God-blessed, contented life as a homeschooling, frugal-living, farm-dreaming Mama to three hilarious kiddos and wife to one amazingly rock-steady man. I write from my heart concerning all that I am passionate about… from homeschooling to Jesus-loving, from menu planning to frugal home renovations, from counting my thankfuls to my love of Pinterest- It’s all right here.

I think that's a good sum up statement, so I'm thinking of using it as a jumping off point. First things, first- it is something I need to be in prayer about (just like our family purpose statement). I want this to be God led just as I want this blog to be God led.

Which leads me to this....
I'm looking forward to where God is leading this.


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