Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Interactive Homeschool Links for the Preamble & Constitutional Convention

Ms. Books is studying the Preamble of the Constitution today and hit upon a great idea...
We all sat down at lunch time and watched this:

Watching this then lead me to remembering a piece of an episode of Andy Griffith... which I then found on Youtube:

I love it when the kids watch this and begin reciting... like they're going to help Barney get it...

This has got my creative homeschooling juices fired up... which led me to create this post of great links for Ms. Books (and the other two) to check out to deepen their studies.

Here's an interactive game from Scholastic about the Constitution... it's an easy game- too easy for Ms. Books- one time through will probably be enough but Scholastic has some nice tidbits on the Constitution, so have the kids poke around and check them out.

Here's a great interactive link to the Preamble for your older students. It's from the National Constitution Center. Highlight and click words/phrases and up pops a wonderful explanation of the choice of words/terminology is given. Great insight into the whys and wherefores of the specificness of the writing of the Preamble.

Like Pirates? Here's an interesting game: Pirates of the Preamble... once you get past the annoying unnatural "piratey" voice, it's a good game... there's a lot of "extra" questions that you have to pull answers from the recesses of your history lovin' brain, but it's definitely interesting (more so than the Scholastic one). Note to self- Barbara Jordan was the first African-American elected as senator of TEXAS. Didn't know that one. Now I do. Also Dwight Eisenhower was from Kansas... missed that and had to start the game all over again!

Here's a nice little quiz you could give your students from the National Constitution Center... for some reason we found it wouldn't submit our results- but it does reveal the answers. You could print it our for your student instead.

Here's a fill-in-the-blank Preamble worksheet for the younger crowd.

Discussing the Preamble leads to discussing the Constitutional Convention... here are a couple of great videos concerning this convention:

This is a great Peanuts (Charlie Brown) take on the Constitutional Convention... it is dry in spots... Mr. Conductor wandered away for a bit...

This one is my personal favorite- Hughes History with Hip Hughes (Keith Hughes) puts the convention in a context the average Joe can understand- hence the title: The Constitutional Convention for Dummies

After watching this video, you'll want to check out this history-loving history teacher's Youtube Channel- backtrack and watch his vid concerning the Articles of Confederation  and why it was bound to tank. There's loads of great stuff on his channel that I plan on coming back to as we continue our U S History lessons. Also- Hip Hughes has some great videos entitled Elections for Dummies that I plan on looking into soon. [Side note: as with most Youtube channels- there are some links/comments etc that you will find inapproriate- watch with your kids.]


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