Monday, October 1, 2012

From my weekend

I had the most wonderful time leading a workshop at a local women's retreat this past Saturday. If you are regular reader of this blog you know my knees were knocking with nervous excitement about this opportunity. The ladies were wonderful and full of positive feedback. I enjoyed myself immensely.
I was able to sit in on that day's sessions, lead by Revive Our Heart's Carrie Gaul. I loved her speaking style and easy going manner. I also loved that when I met her, she told me she's also a homeschooling mom! Yay! I love meeting homeschool moms that have been in the trenches and lived to tell about it!

I was concerned when I ran through my talk at home that it wasn't going to be long enough but I actually didn't have time to discuss everything in my notes. I feel like I got the meat of the talk across though and that's what mattered most.

I shared my 4 step basic plan for maintaining a frugal foodie budget

1. Menu Planning
2. Pantry and Freezer stocking
3. Cooking more from scratch
4. PRAYER [most important- no kidding]

Because I know a few of those ladies might be stopping by here (Hello!) looking for certain forms I want to make it easy to find them...

In honor of speaking at this retreat- I created a new fall menu plan page that I absolutely love.... which I also want to share here for you all to download and use.

Here's the link to my new favorite Feezer Inventory from Faithful Provisions.

Here's the Pantry Inventory sheet that I currently use when I remember...

To be honest- I need the "Canned & Dried Goods" section to be at least twice as big.

As for cooking from scratch- I'll be sharing some more recipes soon, I hope.
Tonight we're having Aunt Florence's Casserole- which is only "semi" homemade but is easy-peasy for the kiddos to make... In fact, it's the very first recipe I learned to make in the kitchen when I was twelve.

For those looking for links to all my recipes- go here. And have fun!

Looking for Frugal Foodie Posts- Start with this one and follow the links at the bottom of the post for more....

Lastly- I share this prayer-

Lord, help me to make the most of the money you have entrusted to our family. Jesus, you know my budget,  you know my grocery list and you know how my week is going to turn out better than I. Please help me to plan and prioritize. Please help me to stretch every dollar and pinch every penny so that I can get the most for your money. Help me to make time for cooking healthy and frugally for my family and Jesus may I experience joy in the process. Thank you. Amen.


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