Monday, October 22, 2012

Crocktober menu planning continues

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for October 22nd thru 28th   

Notes: The gardens are done and being put to bed for the winter…. We were able to put up a bit more of everything but applesauce this year and I am grateful for every last canned jar and freezer bag of homegrown goodness.
We continue to celebrate Crocktober with two crockpot recipes this week. Plus on Sunday I'll be baking the potatoes in my crockpot too.

Breakfast:  Homemade blueberry & cherry oatmeal, toast
Lunch: soup and sandwiches
Dinner:  Crockpot Beef-n-noodles, homemade bread, homemade pickles, sliced tomatoes
[Beef is Sunday’s leftovers, shredded with the addition of some beef broth and gravy- heated up in crockpot on low 4 hours and poured over egg noodles]
Breakfast:  English muffins with pumpkin cream cheese, apple slices
Lunch:  Diner dinner
Dinner:  Mr. Steady’s Chili, cornbread
Breakfast:  French toast, mixed fruit
Lunch:  Diner Dinner
Dinner:  Crockpot Corn chowder, ranch biscuits
Breakfast:  Homemade Yogurt topped with fruit, toast
Lunch:  We’ve got visitors- my sis is bring main dish, a sweet friend the side and Sassafras is making her buttery chocolate cookies for dessert
Dinner: Mama’s quick goolash [simply adding elbow macaroni to Tuesday night’s chili]
Friday – Family night- board games and fun
Breakfast:  cold cereal, toast
Lunch: Diner Dinner
Dinner:  Roast beef and mozzarella sliders, chips, pickle spears
[for sliders- butter both sides of slider bun, add beef and cheese to one side, toast in broiler for about 2 minutes or until cheese is lightly browned. Optional: Add a bit of onion and green pepper under cheese for extra yum.]
Breakfast:  Daddy Cooks! – Eggs, bacon, toast
Lunch: Leftover Smorgasbord
Dinner:  Leftover Smorgasbord
Breakfast:  Coco Wheats with dried cranberries, toast
Lunch: Rotisserie Chicken (from store), baked potatoes, skillet green beans, homemade bread
Dinner: Sunday Snupper (snacks for supper) leftovers or nachos or cereal if its late…
Beverages for the week:
Milk, Water, coffee, Lemonade, apple cinnamon water, cranberry pomegranate juice
Snacks for the week:
Cookies, fresh fruit- apples (sometimes with peanut butter- yum!), popcorn
 Desserts for the week:
Apple hand pies, caramel apple cookies, Sassafras’s buttery chocolate cookies (we’re really liking cookies this week!)

Past menu plans: click here. Other's menu plans: click here
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