Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creating my own art

I have been itching to get my hands on some fun little projects around the house and had quite a tidy little list of items to pick up at Hobby Lobby. Armed with my 40% off coupon and a system of prioritizing my purchases, I came home with some wonderful odds and ends to finish up some projects that have been in my notes and nagging the back of my mind.
I've been a bit grumpy lately and part of that is due to not having any time to work on some fun projects. There's something about seeing a project through from start to finish in an afternoon that gets my mojo going and revs me up to finish some other stuff around here...

For this project I took a couple of ideas I'd pinned off Pinterest and a 12 x 12 frame I've had for years and years... 
with nothing in it.
Why was this frame unused? Because it's a shadow box frame and I felt I should use it to its greatest potential as a shadowbox. Well, about six years later, I figured it had nada potential just sitting there gathering dust and decided it would be perfect (as in perfectly free because you've had it for more than 5 years) for this project.

First, gather your supplies... if you're a former scrapbooker turned scrapbook hoarder like me... you'll have most of this on hand already.

What you'll need for this project:
picture frame (mine is 12x12- similar frame here)
Alphabet stickers (I purchased a large packet at Hobby Lobby because it was 40% off and I have a couple of other projects in mind)
Scrapbook paper

Side note- you can make this project with an 8x10 frame and trim your scrapbook paper to fit if you'd like.

First things first- I checked to make sure my scrapbook paper was true to size and actually fit inside the frame. It did.
On to step two: Adding your saying.
I knew exactly what I wanted it to say as I've loved this song for always...
especially the Dave Crowder Band version

Ah, I digress. I penciled out how I wanted the verse/saying to be broken up and began putting the stickers on. I didn't want it straight, I purposed to put the stickers on at angles and such. I believe it adds character. I also chose to use all lowercase for everything but THEE, for which I chose all caps.
I loved the look of it and set the framed piece up to admire. Mr. Steady remarked that it needed a little something in the right corner as it was too much blank space.
After a bit of study, I agreed and immediately decided on a paper heart...
a paper "quilted" heart.

So I add this to your supply list:
card stock
various pieces of scrapbook paper in your prefered color scheme
glue stick
Brown stamp pad
Piece of sponge

There was a nice piece of pink cardstock in our stash so I started with that. I knew my heart had to be "off kilter" like the placement of my stickers, so I quick drew it on with pencil.
Then I cut it out and started cutting pieces of scrapbook paper and gluing them down.

I glued the pieces on the heart and then flipped it over (in order to see the heart-shaped cardstock) and trimmed the pieces that overlapped the heart nicely. You can see from the above picture that I had already trimmed the top curved pieces of the heart. You can also see the pieces that overlapped the left side that weren't yet trimmed here.

After I finished it the heart I felt it looked too crisp and clean for my background, so I pulled out an old brown Stampin' Up! stamp pad and a piece of sponge. Next, sponged the edges of the heart, then I  took the sponge, lightly dabbed in the brown ink, and smudged it over the whole top of the heart.
I love the "old well-loved quilt" look of this heart.

Lastly, since this is a shadow box and I do love this quilted paper heart.... I dug some mounting tape out of the kitchen junk drawer (just like this) and stuck it to the back of the heart. Since it's foam it gives the heart a "lift" off the page, which makes the heart stand out just a wee bit more and adds that little extra pizzaz to the project.

And here's the finished project hanging in my lovely, remodeled kitchen. I love how it adds to that blank wall but isn't smack dab in the middle. The placement speaks to me just like the project spoke to me. I'm quirky like that.

This is a great frugal project as most of the cost is in the frame. This definitely can be done for less than $15. Definitely.

For myself... because I don't remember how much the frame cost and my thought process of how anything I've had in this house for more than 5 years is considered free in the new project pricing... this project cost me less than $2.

And that makes me really, really happy!


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