Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Pinterest Report

This week we made the following from Pinterest...

Can't Miss Cinnamon Rolls

Verdict: Not as "can't miss" as we had hoped. 
We found that we like our own bread machine cinnamon rolls better. It cost just over $5 for the prepackaged Rhodes cinnamon rolls and cook & serve pudding mix. Mr. Steady and I thought it tasted good but a bit gritty in some places from the dry pudding mix. You shake the dry mix right on top of the rolls and pour melted butter on top. The butter didn't get in every crevice so there were "patches" of dry pudding mix in the baked rolls. Also- it took way more than half an hour for the rolls to rise. After 40 minutes I didn't notice much difference so I placed the pan on top of the stove, turned the oven on low and pulled the oven door open a couple of inches. After 20 minutes they'd risen but not to "double their size" and we were antsy for breakfast so I just put it in the oven.
Yes, they tasted good but not near as good as our own homemade recipe so that's what we'll stick with around here.

Mug O' Mac

Verdict: Very Good! 
Ms. Books and Sassafras made these for lunch twice this past week as they enjoyed them so much. Of course, Ms. Books hardly never cooks without a bit of tweaking. Her mug o' mac included extra sharpcheddar and mozzarella cheeses, a generous shake of parmesan and a couple pinches of Italian seasoning. 
I can see her continuing messing and tweaking with this recipe- she's thinking an addition of some shredded chicken and chopped bell pepper already....

Now the following are recipes we used this week-- but are also recipes we've used before but haven't ever really "reported" on...

Fluffy Baked Chocolate Donuts

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Verdict: Major Yum! This is a new family favorite!
We have a six cavity donut pan [10 bucks from Amazon!] and this recipe makes enough for six donuts. We do add the additional quarter cup of flour to make ours extra fluffy. We've made the optional glaze- yum! And we've had them with powdered sugar. This time we didn't add glaze or powdered sugar and they were just as good as always. This is a wonderful cakey donut and I just love, love, love that it's baked and not fried. It's super easy to whip up and all the ingredients are items we always have on hand.

Two Ingredient Muffins

Verdict: Okay- needed tweaking. 
With the Tweaking- Awesome! A new breakfast staple.
The first time I made these muffins I made them according to the directions- yellow cake mix and canned pumpkin. They made a good staunch, moist muffin-- a muffin that wanted to be a tried and true, go-to recipe but lacked pizzazz, which we know all muffins need. I didn't give up- I added just under a cup of dried cranberries... and that made all the difference. This is now a requested quick breakfast (and also a great to-go breakfast).
We've also made this recipe with chocolate chips.
and with dried cherries.
But the cranberries are still our faves.
You can change it up with cake mix too- 
make this with a devil's food cake mix and you have seriously moist and delicious chocolate muffins that are almost like cupcakes.
Spice cake mix- this is THE ONE. Spice cake mix, pumpkin and dried cranberries-  the best, hands down and our ultimate favorite.
This is another great go-to recipe as we keep all  these ingredients on hand.
I also make this for snacks too- the neighbor kids love it when I do....

So what do we end up with this week?
3 out of 4 are keepers.
We won't make the cinnamon rolls again.


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