Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When life trips you up

God is still God.
And He is still good.

I've been on a bit of a roller coaster these past few days....
Some great family time, a family field trip, and other such awesomeness and then I went and sprained my ankle Sunday night during a fun outdoor game....
I've never done that before.
It's been interesting.
And caused me to be eyes-wide-open to some thankfuls I totally and completely take for granted way too often

His endless gifts #1751-1780
I am thankful for my good health
Thankful that my husband was nearby when I sprained my ankle
for everyone who came to my aid
for my husband and our youth pastor who supported me while I limped off the field
for Motrin-- oh thank you Jesus for pain meds
for impromptu ice packs made from frozen veggies that wrap just so around an ankle
That I shaved my legs and touched up the paint on my toenails just that morning (being real here folks!)
For worship music that touches my heart so much I can forget the pulsing pain for a moment or so
for my left leg that is fine and can support me
that I know how to hop
Amazing prayer support for such a "not big deal"... that others would see fit to lift up my concern in prayer is such a blessing... such a deep, deep blessing
for the sleep God graced me with last night
for the phone calls and Facebook messages and texts I received from those who care about me
for my auntie bringing me a walker to get around with
that my girl, Ms. Books, can drive- I'm not stranded really
I am thankful for pain that lets me know I have two legs and two feet... because I read this post and I know this sprain is like a little sliver or paper cut in such comparison
for my children who rally around me, see to my care and continue to work on the day's schooling
for those kiddos of mine bringing their piles of schoolwork into the living room for my ease and comfort
for this oldest daughter of mine who keeps track of when I last took pain meds, how long my ankle was iced, wrapping more ice around my ankle, fluffing my pillows, getting me snacks, making lunch, stopping me from doing too much, prepping supper, bringing me a book to read and oh so much more...
that she puts up with my frustration at my immobility with patience and understanding plus a smile, kiss and hug
for her rallying her siblings on how to best help and also stepping in to help with their studies at some points in the day
For her taking time to include her little brother in the lunch prep- making him feel like he made lunch all by himself
For my girl being Jesus with skin on Sunday night as she knelt and gently washed my feet for me... words fail to put that into its true perspective here.

Next week I plan on posting the list of thankfuls I had already written this past week.... all those amazing, thankful moments that cover a weeks worth of days... but today, just for today, I cannot add those thankfuls here because it would just diminish the importance right now of these hard thankfuls.


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