Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a bit of this and that to end the week

Life is very full right now.
To the brim and overflowing.
Some good, some not so good. Some nerve rattling good and some just simply comfortable good.
There is always good.

The kids and I found the most hilarious history videos ever. Seriously.
We love them. A wonderful enterprising real life history teacher has taken to putting history to music... parodies if you will.
This is my favorite: The Trojan War to the tune of Tainted Love

This is Ms. Books and Mr. Conductor's favorite... and they will sing it, during the day...
often during the day.

This is Sassafras's favorite- it makes me laugh. The French Revolution...

Now, aren't those fun videos. My children love history and find these songs very entertaining. I just wish they'd make some wonderful parodies of American History too... since that's what we're studying this year. On the plus side- Mr. Conductor now knows that Henry the VIII had 6 wives-  two of which he had beheaded, two he divorced, one died and one lived. That's some fun learning.
In other learning areas, Ms. Books is percolating some pond water for biology experiments; one of which has a hard boiled egg yolk in it... um, yeah,  that's gonna reek after the experiment is done in two weeks. And it's in one of my Ball canning jars! Ew!
Speaking of canning jars, Mr. Steady and Ms. Books made some salsa. My first reaction to my first taste was Yum! Until the kick came a second later. Whoa! Mr. Steady and Ms. Books plus Mr. Conductor will certainly enjoy this yummy salsa over the winter but I'll pass. Whew!

I've been spending more time away from the computer lately... taking care of my sprained ankle
because I've been hard at work putting together what I think is a pretty nifty info packet for a workshop I am leading at a women's retreat. And writing my notes... for my talk.
That I'm leading tomorrow.
That I'm leading twice tomorrow.
I'm nervous excited.
Ms. Books and I worked on my presentation table table today- it had some more tweaking after this but here's a quick peek:

My topic: Becoming a Frugal Foodie. Now that is something near and dear to my heart.
And speaking of being frugal, Mr. Steady and I have been discussing the grocery budget. In the last month, prices have crept up 10 cents or more with some of the foodie items we like to buy... this is causing a strain on the family budget. In August I went over our monthly budget of $300 by $25. That doesn't seem like much but in a month when our water bill doubled and a couple other unexpected bills came due, well, it just about unhinged me.
So what's a frugal girl to do? First, pray. Pray lots. Because I was worried lots. And after that- you declare a pantry challenge week [making your meals from what you already have on hand.]
And you won't believe what happened next- a total God smile. I found extra cash in an envelope tucked in with my budget files. That right there is just God lovin' on me and telling me to quit fretting over such trivial stuff. 
I'll never ever cease to be amazed at His loving care.


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