Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I see differently

I have been consciously counting my thankfuls for almost six years now, for the last two years I have blogged them right here {start}.
I cannot say enough about the importance of putting pen to paper and historically marking down your daily gratitude. The good it has done me is immeasurable. I see differently now. I have learned to look for the thanks in the midst of terrible and painful circumstances and have felt it reshape and redefine my joy in this life. My jottings of thankfulness have also served as memorials, marking wonderful moments in my life and when I re-read them, I capture that joy all over again. Oh how I love that.

Counting the endless gifts #1696-1726
Picking zinnias from my garden every morning to grace my table and the window ledge above the kitchen sink
Doing dishes with those beautiful flower-filled vases before my eyes
Humming worship songs whilst doing those dishes
Apple scented soap bubbles and homemade knit dish cloths
My MudLove bracelets- what they mean to me and the added gift of knowing that each bracelet I purchase gives an African clean drinking water for A YEAR!
One full week of vacation bible school that touched the lives of approximately 125 different children and the ripples we hope and pray that number carries into families in our community
The wonderfulness I see Ms. Books pinning on Pinterest- how she's planning for her future {Just a glimpse from her quote page if I may: "Ladies, a real man opens more than the door. He opens his bible." and this: "I will marry a man who loves Jesus more than me." and the boards of foodie-liciousness and so much more.}
Bringing neighbor kids with us to bible school and them both asking for a bible
The joy on their faces when each was given their very own bible with their name written inside
The questions those two kiddos asked about Jesus every night we drove back home
Eighteen jars of pickles just canned and sitting on the floor in a corner of my kitchen waiting to be put away
Winding balls of yarn while listening to Mr. Steady and the kiddos
A Saturday afternoon spent canning pickles with Ms. Books... oh our conversations!
Repurposing something and loving it more than before... not to mention the sense of accomplishment
A shelf filled with sermon notebooks filled up with my mind's scribbles and doodles and the stuff that grabs me
Sleeping in on a Saturday
Big family brunch on a Saturday... because we slept in!
Him bringing in a flower from the overgrown garden and tucking it behind my ear
My children's delight in new school books
Unrelenting grace- mine to receive but also mine to give
My son quietly contemplating during a heart tugging family movie, "When it's the darkest, that's when God shines brightest." And his words bring me low with thankfulness.
My children are learning
I am learning
Finding a five dollar bill in the pocket of my blue jeans
My daughter sewing up something special for me
Back-to-School traditions and Daddy Blessings
The older lady at my favorite farm fresh booth at the farmers market- not only waving away my 10 cent deficit but placing extra produce in my bag to boot. What a blessing!


  1. Yes, gratitude affects our vision. It's amazing, isn't it? Praise becomes a magnifying glass for Jesus at work, for Jesus with us. I'm stopping by from Ann's today and so glad I did. Your family's beautiful. LOVE your list of gifts- especially "Him bringing flowers....and tucking it behind my ear..." Keep counting! Blessings from Iowa!

  2. Your pics are lovely and after being here and looking around, I think I remember visiting your other blog? Or maybe it was the same URL with a bit of a different look? Anyway, this new one is just fantastic!

    Keep counting, friend. Keep seeking Him, He wants to be found.

  3. Thank you ladies for the kind words. Kelli- I did have another blog once upon a time and perhaps you once visited there. Isn't that wonderful?!
    Keep counting- daily, my friends!



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