Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frugal Foodie Arsenal: Freezer Inventory

A freezer inventory is one of the weapons in my frugal foodie arsenal. And one, I, ahem, tend to neglect at times....

For a long time I have used Organized Home's Freezer Inventory worksheet.

Then I started using this one because I like how it was broken down into foodie sections

And now I've decided to start using this one. It is also broken down into sections... and  I like these sections headers better. Plus it gives a spot to list "location" of items. When sending one of my kiddos to search out something in the freezer- this comes in handy.
I make sure to write down the quantity in pencil so that it can be erased as needed.
I love that the PDF file for this inventory sheet allows you to add your own text. I was able to make my own "master list" of the foodie items we keep in our freezer all the time. Of course, it's more work the first time around but well worth it when you need to update. Well worth it.
To be honest, I stopped using my freezer inventory for awhile because I didn't want to rewrite it all. So this works for me.

And while it works, it's still not perfect for me... if I created my own- I's shrink the prepared meals subheading (I don't really do freezer meals) and add a section for dairy- we freeze butter and cheese and sometimes milk, as well as yogurt for smoothies (frozen in ice cube trays first, then when frozen, dumped into a appropriately labeled baggie).

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  1. I love the new version of your freezer inventory. I've tried doing one, and as organized as I am, it just doesn't seem to work for me. I think I would save more money in the kitchen if I could discipline myself to be more organized.

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday Rewind!



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