Monday, August 13, 2012

When Life is difficult and hard to take- I am still blessed

When life is difficult and hard to take, when I cannot understand where to go from the point I'm wavering on... when I need to be reminded....
I sift through my gratitude list.
Oh how good it is to be reminded of all the great things God does for me and mine on a daily basis.

Still Counting #1651-1695
Fresh corn on the cob with dabs of butter
So much corn given to us that we put up over eleven pounds in the freezer
Free fresh produce shared by others in our church family
The little old man and his wife and their little bursting at the seams booth at our little town farmer's market- oh how I love his banter, the twinkle in her eye and their big as a fist, fresh yellow tomatoes!
A day of canning pickles... all of us, our whole little family, each doing their part to help put up the harvest
A board chockful of zucchini recipes on my Pinterest and going down the list trying out those recipes together with Ms. Books
We ran out of store bought bread and didn't fret or run to the store. We made our own loaves. The girls and I feeling ohso homesteady-ish.
The sound of loons calling
Blessed rain filling up our rain barrel and watering our gardens for us
a note left at my desk
a stack of notes given to me by teens on our youth retreat... treasures
Cloth napkins instead of paper ones and rags instead of paper towels
We're at that time of year where 60% or more of our dinner comes fresh out of the garden and not out of my pocketbook
The challenge of refining the grocery budget
Check-ups that end with "all is well"
My girls following recipes and cooking up supper on a busy night without any supervision- oh the joy of their good help!
Ms. Books making lemon glazed blueberry donuts for the family- oh the deliciousness of it all!
A gift of gourmet Michigan made coffee
A dozen farm fresh eggs from my brother and family
God's daily protection and provision
The gift of quiet
The gift of loud and crazy
A walk with Mr. Steady
Ms. Books driving
Tree forts
and secret codes
A good book on a gloomy day
The smell of fresh ground coffee
My boy in a bow tie
Hugs from my niece and my nephew's crazy grin
Boys and their imaginative play
The neighbor boy that we've just kinda "adopted" into the family fold and how he adds to our family
The joy of seeing some fruit from the day-in-day out living a witness to others
Honest communication that heals
A moment to dwell in the simple fact that its okay to not be okay
Celebrating Re-birthdays... with cake and devotions and Daddy prayers.
Each of my children carrying their bibles to church
It is not wrong to admit being weak
The joy of the Lord is my strength
He always answers prayer
The presence of the Spirit- oh what joy!
When life is difficult and hard to take I remember I am still greatly blessed

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  1. I feel that way when I make bread as well :). Love your list!



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