Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's Pinteresting around here this week

I continue to heart Pinterest in big and small ways.
Here's what we've been doing this week thanks to Pinterest:

It's VBS every night this week and this has become my go to quick recipe for using the squash and zucchini that are coming out of the  garden:

Ms. Books celebrated her Re-birthday this week and so we went to my Pinterest Foodie: Just Desserts board for inspiration. We made this ohsodelicious cake-- [Warning: You'll need a whole cup of coffee to go along with a piece of this cake!]

Ms. Books and I have also been making this delicious yogurt cheese- talk about a quick and easy recipe!

We added a couple teaspoons of Italian seasoning the first time we made it and 1 1/2 tablespoons of fresh chopped chives the second time.  We've been serving it up with some pita chips and also as a spread for ham sandwiches. We both give this recipe two thumbs up. As for the yogurt we use: we buy Fage Greek Yogurt (17.6 oz container) at Aldi for $3.29.

We used this one for a great less mess way to cook bacon.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

It really came in handy to put the bacon in the oven, set the timer and walk away for a bit. It was also really helpful since we're going for quick and easy suppers this week. This was not only quick and easy to make but the clean up was also! We'll definitely be doing this again!

Last week Ms. Books made these donuts... they were incredible. They got 5 Wags Family stars from us.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

And that's a smattering of how we're keeping life Pinteresting here on the homestead this week.


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