Thursday, August 16, 2012

On this Thursday morning

Hello to you... quiet Thursday morning...
Its the lull before the big of the day.

My yellow notepad is full of lists that are weighing me down... all the things that must be done. But I'm juggling a schedule that's slightly out of control and the list isn't paring down but I'm wearing down.
I'm on a schedule... oh yes I am.
A self imposed one.

And I want off the merry-go-round dictated to me by that yellow lined list.

So the yellow list goes in a folder where I can't see the yellow anymore.
And I take my Jesus out to the porch swing.
And we swing.
And swing.

And I am quiet.
And He is whole.

He and I meet here in the midst of my chaos and He brings along a hefty dose of quiet with a side dish of His calming peace.
I sigh and I wallow in the quiet moment. I tip my head back, closing my eyes and scream silently to Him that I feel like I'm unraveling. I feel His smile and His presence. His arms about me and I know my brutal honesty has found its place with Him.
He allows my chaos to unravel so that I might be wound up and tangled in Him instead.

This is where unraveled comes to rest and be rewound by His expert hands.


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