Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating a different birthday- a rebirthday

I love to celebrate birthdays.
I believe in spending a whole entire day celebrating... sometimes on the very specialest of birthdays I believe in stretching out the birthday bliss for a whole weekend.
I do not mind getting older (except for grey hairs and wrinkles) and don't believe that just because you're older you don't need to celebrate your day of birth. I straight up admit to "milking" my birthday "for all it's worth." When I turned 30 and was preggers with Mr. C, I totally went for the whole pampering package. That was definitely one of those specialest of birthdays that totally becomes a birthday extravaganza weekend. Another time, when my birthday fell on a homeschool group day, I told my students that part of their homework to be turned in that day was a homemade birthday card for me. They did me one better and made me a cake with some serious smoke detector worthy 36 candles of blazing glory.
I. love. birthdays.

And that includes celebrating each of my children's spiritual birthdays, which we now have dubbed Re-Birthdays around here. The date marked down for remembering, for honoring their new birth into the family of Christ.

Birthdays should be marked and celebrated- why not do the same with the day that marks the writing down of my children's names in the Book of Life? The day that Jesus smiled big and called them His own and all of heaven cheered?
I want my children to know what a wonder this is, what joy there is in marking the years of being all His.

When Mr. C asked Jesus into his heart when he was five years old his words concerning the occassion were these: "Jesus has always been in my heart. But not all in. He's all in now because I asked Him to."

He's all in.
Oh the incomparable joy of knowing each of my children walks with the Lord.

So we celebrate Re-birth here. We eat cake for breakfast because it's wildly different from the norm. One candle-- as we don't mark the years but the new life, being part of the one body of Christ- many parts but one whole. We pray a prayer of blessing, asking Him for continued growth and direction, for wisdom for us as parents to lead and guide, for our son to grow to be a godly man and our daughters to be godly women.
And we give a gift-- something to grow them in their walk with the Lord. For Mr. C it continues to be Adventures in Odyssey CDs but for our girls, they eagerly anticipate a new devotional with words written in the cover by their mama and daddy, marking the day.
At breakfast, over yummy cake, we tell the story of the day they asked Jesus in their heart, we talk about how they've grown and what they've learned since then and we simply celebrate the greatest achievement they could ever have in this life.
Eternal life.

Today we celebrate Ms. Books' eighth rebirthday. She picked out the cake (which was amazing) and we gave her a new devotional book

What a joy it was to us to see her excitement in getting this new devotional book. I watched her, while I was cleaning up after breakfast, as she gathered her bible, journal and new book and went out to the porch swing for some quiet time with her Jesus.
My joy is boundless. This is a good God life we live.

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  1. What a great post! I love this idea. Celebrating our children's spiritual milestones is such a Biblical way to "set a memorial stone". Found your blog through Ann's Walk with Him.



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