Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Prep 2012

Right now I'm up to my eyeballs in serious knuckle down and get it done school planning.
And I gotta admit-- I love it.
I love the color coding, the organizing, the prepping, the planning... I love having it all come together and then what follows... the knowing that it's good and we're ready.
We've been going back and forth on our official start day this year because of some extenuating circumstances. We usually start the last Tuesday of August (because we take time off in mid-September for some fun family travel and field trips).
Curious as to what we're using this year?
In this post I wrote about our curriculum nuts and bolts for the upcoming school year.
All 3 kiddos will be studying American History. Ms. Books will study from early colonization to present times. Sassafras and Mr. C will be studying early colonization to pre-Civil War (next year will be Civil War period to present day). We LOVE American History and are really looking forward to this year!
Of course, we're continuing with our favorites: our math curriculum Teaching Textbooks, Apologia's Science plus our poetry studies. The kids chose Monet for our first artist to study for the year and we have some fun plans to go along with that.

Since those curriculum decisions were made in the spring, I have decided to bring back Wordly Wise for my oldest. [She's thrilled... er, I'm being a tad bit sarcastic.] Why? Because we've found that it helps with standardized testing, which we don't do much of, to be honest-- but we see this as pre-prep for the ACT. I have no desire to teach to the test but I do want my children to develop test taking skills.
She'll be using Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 10

In this post I gushed a bit about Ms. Books American History curriculum for the school year. I'm really liking it... so much so that I um, may have snuck off with volume one and started reading it. And her Daddy may have "borrowed" it from me and perused the pages. I enjoy the writing style and the amounts of information shared. I hope to share more about it as the school year progresses- to let you know if we still love it, what we're tweaking and such.

Since Homeschooling is our lifestyle, We find that keeping the home and homeschooling mesh together and flow one from the other. I created this file folder system [free printables!] to keep us organized.
I then hit upon another genius idea as I was creating Ms. Books new weekly scheduling pages for the year... it popped in my head as I created a one page weekly schedule instead of the two page spread we've used since we started homeschooling. I know she loves to doodle and write down favorite verses and quotes. I know she scribbles song lyrics on the sides of her scheduling pages and jots down names of people she is praying for... so I created a special weekly page just for these things and a bit more to help her stay organized.
I call it our Weekly At A Glance page and she's beyond thrilled with my creation.
Me too.
So much so that I've created a more generic one to share right here- with you all.
Weekly at a Glance Page
Please feel free to download and print it for your very own.

We also belong to a homeschool co-op that meets twice monthly. All three kids will be taking a music class geared to their age group and a one semester gym class at a local Christian camp (climbing wall, group sports such as volleyball and basketball). Ms. Books will also be taking a beginning photography course that also incorporates creative writing and blogging. Sassafras will be taking a life skills class geared towards middle schoolers. Mr. Conductor will be in class that teaches about colonial life the first semester and pioneer life the second. I'm pretty geeked about how that lines up with what we're learning at home.

Other than that we fill in with family field trips and a thrice monthly art class with a local watercolor artist (I'm a student in the art class too!).

Want to see what other homeschoolers are choosing for their curriculum this year?
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