Monday, July 9, 2012

Postcard Perfect Northwoods Trip

Just home from a week long vacation in our beautiful state's Upper Peninsula.
We brought home plenty of--- sand, rocks, sea glass, pictures, memories, sunburns, dirty laundry
and came home with a lot less--- sunscreen, aloe, money, stress (maybe not a lot less but a bit less)

It was a great trip.
Even if it was the stinkingest hottest record breaking temperatures of all time for the UP.
And our cabin didn't have air conditioning (there isn't a whole lotta air conditioning in the UP- not usually a need for it). The cabin was basically a tent with wooden sides. A place to sleep. Plus a shower and flushing toilet (big pluses in my book).
So we spent the bulk of our time outside. In the shade. We inhaled a lot of good fresh northwoods air. We cooked our meals over an open fire (okay- not we, the menfolk cooked. I helped with dishes- outdoors using rubbermaid tubs, of course). We kept it cheap frugal- visiting the beautiful natural wonders of the UP {all at no cost- except for gas and thanks to our Michigan Recreation Passports}--
beautiful places and spaces like:

Cruise Nite after the Old Car Show in St. Ignace
Whitefish Point [there is a shipwreck museum here that co$ts but we didn't go- just toured the landscape, watched two lakers (freighters) go by and skipped rocks]
Tahquamenon Falls
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Cut River Bridge & Cut River Gorge (super great swimming/body surfing and dam building right where the Cut River empties into Lake Michigan)
and lots of swimming in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

Yes, we went swimming in the coldest largest inland lake... it isn't that cold when you are that hot.
We were also blessed with some super great small town Independence Day/Week Fireworks.... the pretty little small towns in the UP do it up big for the 4th. For the whole week you could find some little small town having some great little celebration. We could have watched fireworks every single night. Some of the best fireworks we've seen in a while. Worth the copious amounts of bug spray we applied and reapplied.
We also ate some seriously good ice cream.
More than once.
More than twice. Did I mention it was hot?
We even made homemade ice cream at the cabin to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
We visited two fabulous farmers markets... one of which served free bison sliders made with products from some of the market's vendors. And these sliders... were melt in your mouth delicious and I repeat- free. Oh yes, freebies- a thanks for the farmer's market co-op for shopping local. If I could have gotten away with it- I would have gone back and gotten in line again.
I'm a sucker for a great farmer's market and the one in Boyne City did not disappoint. The taste testing was excellent (Michigan cherries! Granola and cookies and homemade cheeses and more), vendors selling beautiful fresh flower bouquets, fresh produce and even a booth selling coffee! Woo-wee!

It was a lovely trip- even with the heat, even with my parent's van needing repairs and being undriveable for three days and even with the closer than close quarters in our cabin. It was lovely. We got a heap of fresh air livin' and I added some more freckles to my face and tried a new flavor of ice cream.
We even crossed quite a few things off our Summer Bucket List (more to come on that soon, I hope).

So, wondering... what have you been up to this summer?


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