Monday, July 16, 2012

Jotting gratitude- the journey continues

Continuing to count my gratitudes... daily.
Oh how God has changed me and remade me since I started down this jotting gratitude road.
Here's a few more added to the list:

Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Another recipe published
Fluffy white clouds in a blue blue sky
new recipes tried and loved
enjoying cooler mornings by slipping outside for bible study on the patio
homemade strawberry jam
super wonderful farmers markets
oh the colors of the farmers market... thank you Lord for my eyes
pretty rubber boots
Making my first ever batch of donuts—baked chocolate donuts
Watering the gardens in the morning with the kiddos
Filling my little cuttings basket with zinnias and snapdragons from my garden
Oh the rain that came… this weekend it really did rain!
Special one-on-one time with each of my children this past week
Praying with Ms. Books before sending her off on a eight day choir tour
Writing letters—numbered for each day and sticking them in her luggage when she wasn’t looking
Incredible, tangible joy and Spirit filled worship
Bible verses on scraps of paper scattered about my home
Our air conditioners work- oh to think how life would be right now if they didn't! So thankful!
Swimming... in the lake, in the pool... watering ourselves a bit while we water the gardens
Watching Sassafras intently creating and sketching and doodling
The elaborate Lego creations that take up a corner of my living room- courtesy of Mr. Conductor
Us- taking all the cushions of the couch, blankets off their beds and building a fort... and Mr. Conductor eating lunch in it
Family movie nites and popcorn in the cool house when we're just too hot to think or talk or play
creating and collaborating on a summer music playlist with the kids (summer bucket list)
Love notes written on the bathroom mirror
My boy rinses his dishes because his big sis asked him to
small prayers answered in big ways
His great grace, grace and more grace

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Amy, I'm thankful I found you @aholy experience. I love your list and your blog. It makes me long for the days when I was raising my son and daughter...homeschooling both. I wish I had fully embraced and enjoyed and relaxed in the moments of everyday as you are doing. May you continue by God's grace.
    I'm a grandmother of 4 adorable, young grandson...and I am so thankful for them. I also have the honor of teaching women the Scriptures and other adults English and life is good because He is! If you would like to "visit" me, I'm @ My link is #66 :)
    Blessings, dear sister...Jan



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