Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garden Dirt-- the wash off

I pinned this idea way back this past winter and as we began to get down and dirty in the garden these past few weeks I knew I needed to whip up some of this scrub pronto.
Especially when the grocery flyer caught my eye-- Dawn Dish Soap on sale! Yippee Skippy!

This recipe could not be more easy.
You Need:
Clean Jars with air tight lids
Dawn Olay Hand Renewal Dish Soap {mine is Pomegranate Splash scent- lovely!}

I had a few small jars on hand and got to thinking I'd make a couple extra jars to give to friends... but that was before I realized how much we'd use this handy dandy hand scrub. Needless to say, there were no jars given to friends-- we have used them all and had to make more.

There's no exact science to this recipe. I just filled the jars 3/4 full with sugar and added the soap almost to the top. I used a fork to stir it all up and let it sit a spell. I came back later and checked the consistency- it was still a bit too soupy for my taste so I added more sugar.

We keep the hand scrub right next to the kitchen sink as it's quite handy for a quick scrub up.

Also- for some reason we never wear shoes in the garden... I guess we all like to feel that good damp dirt between our toes. This means that when we come in from weeding and watering our tootsies are seriously dirty.
This hand scrub has now become our go-to foot scrub for cleaning up good clean garden dirt.

The hand renewal goodness of the dish soap leaves our hands and feet feeling super soft as well as super clean. And the pomegranate smell isn't flowery so my boy doesn't have a problem using the scrub for a good clean up.

I've also taken to using this sugar scrub on my hands after I chop onions to get rid of the smell.... Works like charm!

Yet another super great Pinterest Find!


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