Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is needed to make a family whole and to have abundant life

A slip of paper fell out of my Bible today...
I don't know when I wrote it or where I may have heard it...
It spoke quite simply and plainly to me today. So much so that I'm sharing it with you....

We need a God, our Father in heaven, to make our family whole.
- To listen when everyone else is tired of listening
- To teach us the difference between firm & stubborn
- To build a loving house with a firm foundation of understanding
- To teach us to give more than we take
- To question but not question the answer
- To not let pride get in the way of understanding.

And then... written in my hurried scrawl on the back of the slip of torn paper:

There is a difference between a great life and an Abundant Life.

Difference. Yes, a great difference.
I don't know about you-- but I want the abundant life.
I want the life with Jesus that is so full of bright colors and intense love that those colors seep into the grey black misty trials of my life like taking colored markers to a black and white photograph.
Abundant life doesn't mean everything's wonderful and just about perfect.
It means a full life.
I want to fill my days up to the brim and spill out every last drop of them. I don't want to shy away from the troubled hard times but instead I desire to full-on abundantly lean on Jesus.
I want Jesus at the center of my home, my family.
Because only God can make our family whole.

And as for me and my house.... that's the only real way to live.


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