Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I...

10 Good Things that Happened Today:
1. I got up

2. Had Coffee with vanilla caramel creamer and an English muffin with blueberry cream cheese... in my favorite mug and on a pretty plate. Right alongside my bible and journal. Great Start right there.

3. I cleaned, scrubbed and turtle waxed the stove top

4. Sassafras folded the laundry

5. Mr. Conductor made a wonderful, hilarious and ingenious Lego creation all over my living room floor and I loved it.
A lot.

6. A sweet girl that once upon a while ago I had the privilege of youth pastoring came over for a nice long afternoon visit

7. My brother and his little family stopped in for a visit also

8. It was cool enough that using the oven and the stove didn't heat up the kitchen... so we had Monday nite's supper tonight.

9. I ate cake

10. I spent time with Jesus today. We met in Romans 15... and I wallered there awhile. Just because I could.


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