Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer reading started today

Summer Reading started at our little township library today.

The kids scanned the shelves, pulling old favorites off and tucking them in their book bags....
This mama knows their favorites-- and I reminisce about some of my own.
In fact, I pull a few off the shelves and tuck them in the family bag....

Homer Price by Robert McCloskey

and it's sequel: Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price

Oh how we love the short stories... parceling out one a night. Homer and his pet skunk, Homer helping in the donut shop, the lady with the two suitors and the biggest balls of twine and string, the hilarious, catchy song that the whole town can't stop singing.... we love these books

A Year Down Yonder and A Long Way From Chicago both by Richard Peck

Now I must confess, our very favoritest way to read these two hilariously wonderful books by Peck are on audio CD. In the car-- we love listening to audio books while we're out and about. These two audio books are simply awesome and seriously entertaining. We've even been known to miss our turn-off while Mr. Steady is driving because we're so enthralled with the story. We'll never get enough of the stories of Grandma Dowdel... about Shotgun Cheatham, her frenemy Effie Wilcox, and our by far hands down favorite- when Grandma Dowdel single-handedly takes out the Halloweeners bent on destroying her privy.
Oh the laughter.
We're planning on checking both books out on audio CD for our upcoming family vacation... it's become tradition.

Mountain Born by Elizabeth Yates 

Now that the kiddos Nana & PawPaw are raising two little lambs, I'm thinking we should read this story again. Oh how we love the vivid word pictures this wonderful tale brings to life...

Sassafras filled her bag with every single Encyclopedia Brown the little library has....
She has her own collection here at home-- the library is only a supplement.

There's Nancy Drew Mysteries for the girls... both looking to see if the library has any ones we don't already own here at home. After all, our Nancy Drew books  take up 2.5 shelves in our little home library.
and then there's Nate the Great for my boy who is working hard at his reading....

Sass adds one more book to her bag...

The Moffats by Eleanor Estes

Then three more... these three.... that start with this story-- written in the form of letters back and forth from the main characters
The 43 Old Cemetery Road Series by the Klise Sisters
We fell into this series a couple of summers ago and loved the writing style... The sisters have also written another series we've started collecting here at home-- The Regarding The... Series, which starts with this one:

These books are wonderful light reads that we all enjoy relaxing with.
We fill our summers with fun, light reading which nicely balances out the heavier reading  and denser reading schedule of our schooling months.

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