Friday, June 15, 2012

Reading and Growing -- Gardens and Libraries

I love this quote... I'ts me to a "T".
Our first spring here in our home I talked Mr. Steady into uprooting a few scraggly bushes and creating a 12x12 foot garden for me. I filled it with herbs and flowers. We gardened like that for a few years. Then he decided he wanted to have a vegetable garden so he dug a 12x6 foot section next to my herb and flower garden.
The next year he added a raised bed and another full foot to his big garden.
The next year he added two raised beds and extended the garden another two feet.
His big garden is now 12x12- a full extension of mine. He wanted to add another raised bed but time got away from him.

I still have my flowers and herbs and we've ship-shaped up the flower beds along two other sides of the house (there's a wild bed of Lily of the Valley on the fourth side that I just leave be).

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

He's planted oodles of beans this year- our regular Blue Lake bush beans and a purple bean that Mr. Conductor picked out-- Dwarf French Bean Velour. We love beans, especially cooked fresh out of the garden. We freeze a lot too but always run out before winter is over....
Of course, there's our heirloom tomatoes: Mr. Lincoln, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Dixie Golden Giant, Black from Tula, Brandywine Red, Big Rainbow, and Cherokee Purple. And our favorite chocolate cherry tomatoes.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

We added our first ever squash plants this year- Park Seed's Squash Summer Medley Hybrid Blend (dark green and golden zucchini, straightneck yellow squash and an olive-green Mediterranean squash). We planted onions too... but they aren't looking so good (ah, can't have everything).
We've got a couple of lettuce plants, two purple basil plants and 3 green pepper plants. We're hoping for success this year with the peppers (with ideas I've garnered and pinned on Pinterest), as we haven't had much luck in the past.

Gardens and libraries.... oh this wonderful life I lead....

We have a library too. Yes, our own little family library in our home.
Mr. Steady and I turned the walk-in closet off our bedroom into our library. We've never used it as a closet- it use to be the nursery. Now it's the library. Yes, it holds a lot of school books but its also full of family treasures. I come from a long line of bibliophiles and to hold a book in my hand is heaven. The scent of a bookstore or the smell of a book when you first open it... such perfume. We use our public library a lot but we can't help but stop at every used bookstore we see when we're out and about... including family vacations. We have C.S. Lewis and Laura Ingalls Wilder, Donita K Paul and over 60 Nancy Drews, Boxcar Children and American Girl, Encyclopedia Brown and the Hardy Boys, Nate the Great and Dear America. Books on art, poetry, our lovely state, mysteries and histories, Christian fiction and non-fiction. Two dictionaries and a shelf of homeschool resources. Books from my youth pastoring days and books from my childhood. In our home, each child has a bookshelf near their bed and you'll find a stack of three or twelve (Ms. Books) right there...

I love it when I can sneak out onto the back patio on cooler mornings with my coffee, my bible and my journal-- right there beside the garden. Flowers and books, ah, love. I love sitting out there in the afternoon with a book and watching the kids play. You'll often find my kiddos hanging out and reading... on the porch swing, in the tree house or a make-shift tent in the backyard. We love books. I adore my Kindle Fire but I love, love, love a real book.

Today I visited our local bookstore while killing time waiting to pick up Ms. Books. I had a gift certificate and they have six rooms of floor to ceiling books-- four of which are all used books. I brought home some fun summer reading... four Death on Demand books, a couple by a new author (cozy mysteries) and a Tracie Peterson I've been looking for forever (all for $17 and some change). Cozy mysteries are my version of the fun, quick summer read.

What are you reading or growing this summer?


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