Monday, June 18, 2012

Nostalgia and recipes: Mama's Chicken-n-Noodles

I didn’t cook much when I lived at home. I regret that now.
My girls cook more than I ever did. Ms. Books is an awesome cook- she’s already tweaking recipes as well as creating some of her own. I didn’t start tweaking until about 10 years ago. So needless to say, my girls won’t have to deal with the same learning curve I did when I first ventured out on my own. They will NOT be mac-n-cheese out of a box college kids.
Since I didn’t cook when I lived at home and then needed to when I moved out… I did the smart thing and asked my mama for her easiest recipes. And yes, I did apologize for not listening to her warnings and helping out more in the kitchen.
This recipe is adapted from my mom’s. I still have the original recipe card I wrote it on in my precise I’mlivingonmyownnow handwriting.

Mama’s Quick Chicken-n-Noodles
1 pkg wide egg noodles
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 10 oz. canned chicken, drained (or 1 to 1 ½ cups cooked shredded chicken)
About 2/3 of a soup can of milk
¼ cup Ranch Dressing (approximate)

Cook noodles on stove top according to package directions. While noodles are cooking, mix remaining ingredients in a small sauce pan and cook on medium to low heat until heated through.
Side notes: If I’m in a pinch and am using canned chicken- I flake it into the saucepan with a fork to break up the chunks. I save the dregs of our ranch dressing bottles, pour the measured milk into the bottle and shake vigorously, then pour it into the saucepan. Sometimes I clean two or three bottles out this way. I never really measure the amount of ranch I put in. Sometimes I add a couple of squirts from a “more full” bottle. We love the extra zip it gives the noodles.

My mama always served our chicken-n-noodles with bread-n-butter pickles and this is still my preferred way. Mr. Steady and the kiddos will mix it up and add a different side dish but if we’ve got b-n-b pickles on hand then you know I’m having them.
Ah, nostalgia.


  1. Amy, I followed the link from your menu this week - this recipe is just what I need to use up some leftover baked chicken. I'll tweak it to my kiddos tastes of course :-) but thanks so much for sharing! We are pinching pennies tightly this payday, and you've helped me keep our meals interesting.

    1. Yay Laura! So glad to be a little bit of help. Mr. Steady likes to say that I pinch pennies to Abe Lincoln screams. *grins* I like to see it as a challenge- I think that's why some call it the grocery shopping game. I want to come out the winner with the most bang for my buck!
      You Go Girl!

    2. Had to pop back over and say it was delish... though (giggle) I had to make-do with so much that I had on hand, maybe I made a whole new recipe? ;-) Regardless, the family insisted it stay in the rotation, and as an ode to you, I've named it Amy's Chicken n Noodles in my recipe book. Yay! :-)

      My changes: I used leftover baked chicken legs & thighs, but I didn't have the soup or ranch dressing... but I DID have two packets of Wagner's Creamy Chipotle sauce I had picked up at Target ages ago (about $1/each). So I made that into my "soup" by following the directions, dropped in my chicken, boiled the noodles with water & 2 TBSP chicken boullion granules, then just scooped the noodles with a bit of 'broth' into the creamed chicken - adding a bit more broth til the consistency seemed right. For good measure, and to make absolute certain it had enough fattening ingredients :-) I added the last two dollops of sour cream from a leftover container and stirred it up good. I think I seasoned it with some garlic powder and some smoked paprika? Regardless, it was heavenly - one of those rare out of the ballpark happy accidents, and all thanks to your suggestion.

      So really, YOU go girl! :-)

      God bless you...



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