Friday, June 29, 2012

Ain't got no rhythm

I’m still struggling with finding my summer rhythm. It’s usually here by now… sleepin’ in and big fruity breaking fast brunch style mornings, lots of summer reading and mellow coach potating during the heat of the day. Sketching and watercoloring.
But those days haven't really been here yet...
We've had three weeks of multiple daily trips to town, an appt. for the car for tires and then again for repairs.  Budgeting for extras we hadn't planned on. Kiddos outgrowing stuff that fit four weeks ago... to-do lists longer than my arm and so it goes....
My summer so far has been kinda crazy and I'd like it to slow down.
One thing I love, love, love to do is write here... it's something I daily love to do but its the first thing to go on this long to-do list... priorities sit in four chairs in the next room waiting for me to come to the dinner table...
I only have so much time with them and the summer bucket list is full of projects and fun and family time and so on and so forth.
God and I have been talking about my priorities, about slowing down, savoring moments, and paying attention.

What this means- I won't be posting for awhile... and if I do it'll probably be pretty sporadic. I'd like to say I'd keep up with posting my weekly menus at least, but I can't make any promises. I've  got promises to keep with these laughing hyenas I call my own.... 
there's homemade ice cream to make, 
hikes to  take, 
sunsets to watch, 
picnics to go on, 
books to read aloud, 
family movies to watch with way too much buttered popcorn and the whole family in a pile on the floor with every pillow we own...
Great Lakes to visit,
rocks to collect,
camp fires to sit around,
marshmallows to roast til they catch fire,
nature to study,
pools to jump in,
sights to see,
people to visit
and memories to make.


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