Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIWW: New Duds & Do

The day before Mother's Day is my day. Mr. Steady and the kiddos putter around the house, give it a spit shine and work on projects and I go off galavantin'. This is part of my Mother's Day gift (the other part is homemade cards & breakfast in bed) and I love, love, love this. Its tradition and I always get exactly what I want for Mother's Day. No bummers.

Usually I visit a couple different greenhouses and purchase pretty plants. This year I visited one greenhouse (spent $33 on a trunk full of flowering pretties) and decided to knock some things off my to-do list. I'm just crazy like that.
I went to Goodwill. I dropped off a car load of stuff we don't need (yes, a car load- as in full trunk and crammed with boxes back seat) and received a 20% off coupon, which I used to buy 2 ruffled sleeveless cotton tops (one cream and one light aqua) and a summer driving cap for Mr. Conductor. I spent under $8.
I went to Target- where I, ahem, spent more than $8.
I bought a new hamper and trash can (clearance) for the bathroom, a new cereal bowl for Mr. C (his cracked) and a tank and short sleeved cardi for me.
Yes, I bought clothes- new. Brand spankin' new.
It kinda goes against the grain a bit.
Then I went whole hog as they say 'round here- I went to Walmart and bought new flip flops ($4) and black strappy slip-ons for summer dressin' up ($15) because my old ones came apart and Mr. Steady said he'd glued them enough and they were 15 years old and splitting and it was time to say good-bye. Yep, my husband told me to buy new shoes. Have I mentioned lately how much I love and adore that man? I do. Lots.
And I bought new nail polish. Two. Aqua and a grey color.

Short sleeve cardi- Target
Flowered Tank- Target
White Tank- Meijer
Cuffed jeans- Goodwill
Shoes- ??? 3+ years old
Earrings- JCP

Oh- and I almost forgot to mention.... I donated 12 inches of hair to Wigs 4 Kids (my one 12 inch pony tail to go along with Sassafras's three12 inch pony tails she had cut off a couple of weeks ago- that girl's got a lotta hair).
Ms. Books and I got our hair cut on Friday.

My  girls and I on Mothers Day with our new dos.

That's a lot of change for this girl... house renovations, new clothes, new shoes, new  toe nail polish and a new hair do. Whew. I'm rockin' my world here, people. I decided not to dye my graying hair just now (even if it looks reddish in the above pictures- its the lighting- but I would love to have that color....) because I'm too busy and too cheap frugal to keep it up. I'm trying to do this gettin' gray hair thang with grace and acceptance....

The above photo: Aqua top- JCP, Grey shrug- JCP, Black wrap around skirt- Old Navy (years ago) and you can't tell but I'm wearing my new strappy black shoes and aqua nail polish. The top and shrug were purchased a few weeks ago in celebration of this. A day we all wore new clothes for such a worthy occasion.

pleated poppy


  1. Amy. Gah. You are GORGEOUS, woman!! I LOVE your haircut--so darn cute!! And don't you worry about those silver streaks. They are a mark of wisdom, maturity, and a life well lived. I love the fact that my mama and my mama-in-law don't dye their hair AND have kept it long into their forties and fifties. :)

    Plus, your new outfit is awesome. Don't you just love it when Hubby TELLS you to get new shoes?!? I love it when my husband does that. :) I got new toenail polish the other day too! I never do that! It was great! I have a hard time spending money...especially on yeah, second-hand stores are my go-to place for "new" clothes. Proud of you for getting something new. :)

    Glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! You definitely deserve it! :) <3

    1. Jaimie- You are such a wonderful encourager!
      My mama went grey first all in one spot up front on the left side. She now has a beautiful head of silver hair. I'm starting to go grey in one spot (front right) but it mostly seems to be underneath my top layer. I am hoping to have the beautiful silver grey my mama has...

  2. Love that fun print on your top!

  3. Donating your hair is sooo awesome! I would too if I had that much hair to give and make a difference. :)

    Loving the outfit too! The floral top is cute!



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