Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIWW: Embracing this me He made

Every time I think I'm going to pass on posting a WIWW, I don't.
Why is that? 
I'm liking the reminder to take time taking care of myself. I like how I've become bolder with my colors and stepped out to embracing my own sense of style. I like the reminder of how unique I am. I like the reminder that I'm a frugal fashionista (Ms. Books loves to call me that)- these posts remind me that a good 85+% of my clothing comes from Goodwill (GW) and thrift stores.
I like the idea that right now, in the family archives there are more than just a few vacation pictures of me in the mix. I'm learning to like who He made me to be in a new way. Its not prideful and its not all about how I look or how I dress. Its about embracing being me.

Aqua tank: Meijer
Purple long sleeve T: Ann Taylor Loft from GW
Jean Jacket: Chadwicks (at least 8 years old)
Jeans: Levi from GW
Shoes: don't remember
Posy Pins (on jacket): Made by me
Earrings: those $1 goodies from Walmart
Cross Necklace: Mother's Day gift
Redeemed Leaf Necklace: DaySpring
Redeemed Bracelet: DaySpring

The other side of the leaf is engraved:
I am His
II Thes 2:13

Beautiful chunky vintage vibe to this bracelet....
On back of that big medallion is engraved:
II Thes 2:13

The Lord loves you.
God chose you from the beginning.
He wanted you to be saved. 
II Thessalonians 2:13 NIRV

Sneak Peep: 
DaySpring, who ohso sweetly and graciously 
gave me this beautiful jewelry, 
has also graciously given me A SECOND SET 
to give away right here!
To one of you!

Check back in the next couple of days for more details on how you can enter my giveaway!

Image from DaySpring

pleated poppy

Full Disclosure:  DaySpring gave me this beautiful Redeemed- I Am His jewelry set 
for free to review on this blog. All opinions are my own.


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