Thursday, May 24, 2012

WIWW: Aqua and blue

A day late... ahem.
The busy weekend has carried over into my week. I spent 3 days at a youth conference as a youth leader... and with the added joy of being with my daughter, Ms. Books and her besties. I determined to go on the  trip in anti-youth leader style- meaning I wasn't gonna just wear T-shirts and jeans for three days. I wore cute shoes the first day.... and then I wised up with all the walking and fast walking and just about jogging and such and chucked my fashion forward footwear for good ol' tennis shoes. My feet thanked me.
But from the ankles up- I was stylin'. *wink*
And I wore jewelry. Yep, I took the time to actually pack a few bobbles to add that extra touch to my outfits.
And now you're thinking- I wanna see your stylin' duds.
And I don't have any photos. Oh snap.
I gotta get better at this... I still get all weirded out asking Ms. Books to take my wardrobe picture of the day... she wants to take it outside (cuz its so beautiful- who wouldn't?) and the neighbors are hanging out on their porch and there's me trudging through my yard with my purse posing for my daughter. It just feels weird.

I love this outfit.
My colors!
Aqua tank- Meijer
Top- ???? more than 3 years old & I don't remember
Jeans- Levi via GW
Shoes- Walmart
Earrings- Premier Designs
Necklaces- cross: Mothers day gift a few years ago. Leaf: Redeemed Set. Shrinkie Dink Scribble Art- my niece Ree.
Aqua Flower Ring- made  by me

My 31 bag- with an aqua skirt and a posy pin.
Completely "ME".

I love these earrings....

My beautiful newest favoritest bracelet.

my strappy black shoes with the kitten heel... and new polish.
Ms. Books says "Mama, you're so stinkin' cute."
So, since I'm stinkin' cute- ignore the dirty pant cuff, please. I obviously stepped on my pants. Sigh.

My new Ree Art necklace was a gift for Mother's Day from my ohsosugarsweet niece Ree.
My sister got the idea from Pinterest.
I love it- so One of A Kind and Unique.... that's my style!

Here's the Pin-spiration!

pleated poppy


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