Friday, May 25, 2012

Winner announced and a thank you straight from my heart

The jewelry giveaway is closed.

Thank you one and all who de-lurked and posted comments. What a treat to read your words!
I, myself, am not one for leaving comments on blogs- even the ones I love to read. Sigh, lame-o, I know it. {I'm striving to do better- its a new goal of mine to comment on at least one blog read a day....}

And you cannot imagine how unbelievably giddy I get at times when I see I have a comment on my blog.
It ranks right up there with the thrill I get from finding out someone re-pinned me on Pinterest.
Sigh. I just said, "I'm such a goober." out loud. It made Ms. Books laugh.

Well dear readers, when you pour your heart out in bits and pieces and fits and starts in posts and pictures... it gets a bit intimidating at times and you wonder... does anyone read what I write? Does my writing affect someone else the way the moments in my life affect me so greatly I'm compelled to write them out and share?
Will I only be known for my somewhat justalittlebit famous recipe for homemade fabric softener?
And I am reminded... while I simply adore reading the comment luv, and the people-pleaser inside me goes "Oh someone likes me!"-- that's not why I write. Its a wonderful extra benefit.
I write for an audience of One and invite you along for the ride. Some days its bumpy and jostling us about and other days it's like we're on a straight stretch with a tank full of gas and no speed limit.... most days its just a nice quiet leisure Sunday afternoon drive in an old car with the wind blowing and smiles of contentment on our faces.
I like that word picture.
Thanks for joining me. I appreciate it.

Thank you all, again for the wonderful comments of late.
Now to what this post is really suppose to be about- announcing the winner of the Redeemed-- I am His Jewelry giveaway....
With the help of my kiddos we had a drawing. I just love to put the slips in my favorite jadite bowl. The peonies are picked straight from my mama's garden which use to be my great grandmother's....

and the lucky reader is...

Congratulations Celeste!

Thank you again to all who entered the contest.
Thank you to each and every single one of you who pop in to my little blog home to see what's what in my corner of the world.
You are treasured.
You are His.


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