Monday, May 14, 2012

Thankful: I am a Mom

God is so good all the time… I just can’t capture all that goodness that He hides in just a single day… but I can capture small pieces and those serve to remind me…

Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Homeschooling and my oldest daughter.... the unexpected joy when you're sicker than sick and your kiddos have caught what you've taught- they're not only doing school sans mama but are holding down the fort, cooking the meals, checking in on mama, tucking in her covers, fluffing her pillows and bringing hot tea.... that all right there- that's a Mother's Day gift come early.
family heritage
Menu plans made in advance
Netflix streaming of old TV shows instead of regular TV
Knocking out debt
Neighbor boys who come over and volunteer to help with big projects
Mr. Steady’s injury to his finger wasn’t super serious
That it happened to the pinky of his non-dominant hand
Ms. Books level-headedness in helping me deal with the injury
Finding our good friend on duty in the ER
That gorgeous new kitchen floor
The friend who spent five hours helping put in that floor
God’s watch care
This Resolution
How You fill up my days with such wonderfulness and give me eyes to see it- really see it
Dirty laundry sorted into piles
Cooking in my kitchen
Finding an envelope with old, old family photos in it
Finding a box full of my grandpa's zinc lids for my lovely blue glass Mason jars (also from grandpa)
Decluttering my home  and my heart
Learning to let go
Family campfires and sitting on the swing cozied up to Mr. Steady
Jesus' radical love for me
Blooming in so many ways- right here where God has planted me
Dressing up with my girls
Us three girls all getting our hair cut- Sassafras and I both with enough cut off to donate to Wigs 4 Kids
God hears me cry out to Him and He comforts
My mama and her all-out love for me
How my parents have shown me Jesus my whole life
My God is greater than any other... including my own selfishness
Breakfast in bed for Mother's Day
Homemade Mother's Day cards delivered with lots of hugs and kisses
That I am a mom.

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  1. Your list is just beautiful. How blessed to have children take care of mama when she's sick. Hope you're better now.



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