Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Yellow House bathroom

Remember this post and this before picture?
Well the bathroom is done (with a minor exception or two...)

Before- cream upper wall, grey-green lower wall. Cream trim.
Outdated and faded cabin/woodsy scene wallpaper border

After- Alpine Valley (blue) on upper walls and Colonial Cobblestone on lower walls.
Trim & window painted Superhide White.
Artwork on white shelf is courtesy of Mr. Conductor- a study of trees done in acrylics.
I spray painted the wooden shutters & peg rack with Rust-Oleum's Ultra Cover spray paint in Lagoon. Sanding it off in some spots for that old worn look I love....

To the right of the white shelf is a 3 painting set I did in our family art class.
Acrylics on luan board.
The words on the small lower painting- I printed out Matthew 6:25-26 & 28-30 and mod-podged them onto the painted wood (luan board).
I love the whimsical, quirky look of them. It makes me happy!
The big painting made me decide to accent the bathroom with pops orange.

Vanity repainted with Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformations Kit in Pure White.
Vanity hardware repainted with Rust-Oleum's Hammered Bronze Spray Paint.

I just realized you can't see the pretty new light fixture we have in here now... believe me it's way better than the bare bulb of the past. And it cost $5.00.

Exceptions to our "doneness"- the new ceiling panels need to be painted and new trim needs to be purchased, put on and painted. (We found out the old trim wasn't thick enough with the new ceiling...)

I also need to figure out something to put on the wall to the left of the white shelf. I'm waiting for inspiration at this point.... gonna have to go thru my Pinterest boards and see what I can find... I'd love an old rusted piece of something there- any artwork would fade from all the sun that comes in.... Maybe painted wooden letters that spell out "WASH" going vertically?
What do you think?

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