Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing too Small: Pray about everything

Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer
is too small to be made into a burden. 
― Corrie Ten Boom

I love this quote. To me this quote brings to mind Philippians 4:6
Don't worry about anything; 
instead, pray about everything. 
Tell God what you need, 
and thank him for all he has done.

Which leads to thinking that I truly should pray about everything and anything no matter how small.
What does this have to do with anything?
Well today I had a problem.
A problem I couldn't solve.
A computer issue.... with this here blog.
I couldn't connect to my own blog due to malware on a site I must have linked to... and I only figured that much out after a couple of hours of digging online.
So- I walked away. I couldn't fix it.
The kiddos and I went to Aldi and on the drive it nagged at me and put me in an off mood.
But only for a bit because I remembered this quote and verse.
I immediately went to prayer.
Lord, I know this is a small thing and not even close to being anywhere near in the vicinity of an eternal issue. But it's concerning me and I know to bring my concerns to you in prayer. Its just a blog but I love it Lord. Its my words. Would you please help me fix this Lord?

I came home.
The malware warning was still up.
I researched some more and some more. No clear answers.
I walked away from the computer and started working on supper. As I worked and reminded myself that God knows my mind cleared.
And an idea popped in my head.
I ran to the computer to try it out.
My blog came right up.

That's a God Smile... when He hears my little "insignificant" prayers and hears my heart and answers me so sweetly.... when He does something wonderfully out-of-the-blue because it'll bring a big ol' smile to my face...  that's a God Smile. When others would label something a coincidence... that's a God Smile.

God smiled on me today.
And I am basking in it.

Pray about everything.
No doubt.

And that leads me to trusting....
My 2012 Word for the year.

There wasn't a thing I could do to fix it. The "thing" I could do- was pray and trust and let God lead.
I'm learning that trust is for the small things as well as the big ones. I trust God with my family. I trust Him with my finances and our health and our safety and on and on... the biggies. I must also put my trust in Him for the day to day things of my common life. Trust Him for little things like where I put that paperwork and  His help in fixing my blog. Those little things that can easily build into pet peeves and irrationally throw your whole entire day off....  the picky, picky things that get under your skin like an irritating little sliver that if let go will become infected and festering.
I want to keep short accounts with God. I don't want to be festering before I go to Him. I want to take my "small" concerns to Him too- to trust Him with the small things in my life because in doing so He reminds me that He's in ALL of it. The big, not so big and the itty bitty. It's all His and under His control. Isn't that amazing? That God took time out of His day to give me the clarity to fix the blog? After I fixed it and He and I were talking and I was thanking .... I smiled and said- Isn't that just like you to love me like that.
Just like that.

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  1. so candid! so real, actually :)



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