Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you were a boat, I'd be the wind at your back

I am totally and completely enamored with this song and most especially this video...
So much so that I did something I hardly ever never do... I sent fan mail to JJ Heller.
Okay- I wrote on her Facebook wall... but in this day and age, that's fan mail, my friend!

Here's my first ever written fan post: 
"I just got a chance to watch your video for The Boat Song for the very first time. I absolutely above and beyond adore it. It is so wonderful to see you put a fun, God honoring marriage right out there! You go Girl!"

Imagine my uncontainable joy and delight when JJ Heller "Liked" my little FB post.
Whoop! Whoop! I totally had one of those silly girlie-girl moments where I giggled and grinned.
I'm silly like that.

Okay, seriously though- watch the video and tell me you don't think the exact same thing. Its wonderful, witty and carefree. 

And simply put- this is exactly how I feel about my Mr. Steady.
He has my heart.


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