Friday, May 4, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Hubs Inspires, NINE Days and why we have no ziploc baggies

Picking up and joining the journey once again with other homeschooling moms...

In my life this week…
We had our end of the year program and open house for our homeschool group. Mr. Conductor decided it was a tie-worthy event and wore his red bow tie. That boy is stinkin' cute. We spent more time working on various home projects... including a moment when I grabbed the wrong paint color and painted a nice patch of wall before my ah-ha moment. Sigh.And finalized where we are staying on our Up North vacation.

In our homeschool this week…
We are counting down the days. 9 days of school left. N-I-N-E D-A-Y-S. We've begun our 2012 Summer bucket list. {Here's last year's}. We'll carry over some of our very favoritests from 2011 and add a couple or 10 newbies.
Mr. Conductor and Sassafras have finished their science for the year. Sass has also finished her math and has actually started on next year's math... because she can. [Oh, I love that!] Ms. Books will still have a science module to finish even though we're wrapping up school in NINE days. 
As a rule in our little homeschool- we do math thru-out the summer 2 days a week to keep us sharp. And Mr. Conductor will continue with his reading lessons.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Enjoy this school year wind-down. We are planning special meals for our last day of school. And one or two fun activities for the day after. And because we are all tired we're starting our school days an half hour to an hour later- because we're sleeping in. That sleeping in really works for us right now as we're in that last days drag period.

The Dunkin' Buddies... Oreos & Milk. Every. Day.

I am inspired by…My husband. He comes home from a very full day at work and checks in with me right away- to see how I am, how the day went and to gauge if I need intervention (quiet time). He then sits down to dunkin' cookies with Mr. Conductor. After that he checks in with our girls and often works on a home project, which includes instructing the kiddos. He decided we'd move our supper to a later time so that we could then all have family time instead of more work. He sets a wonderful pace for this family and I've finally learned to quit trying to run ahead of him- but instead to keep pace right along side him. I am much better for it.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Today I attended the funeral of Mr. Steady's uncle. He was 85 years old and it was a beautiful celebration of a life well lived. He and Mr. Steady's aunt were married for 66 years. Tomorrow we will celebrate a niece's college graduation. Oh, the ebbs and flows of this life.... I am so glad God's hand leads us. 

My favorite thing this week was…
Reading with Mr. Conductor. He's a struggling reader and I struggle to find the right books to hold his interest. This week we hit upon a happy medium. A book about a hilarious misfit deputy that reminds me a lot of Amelia Bedelia.

What’s working/not working for us…
Math is good! Sass has finished Teaching Textbooks 7 and is already on lesson 10 of Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. I love this curriculum! Ms. Books has 8 lessons to go in TT Algebra 2. Mr. Conductor is finishing up Horizons 2. He'd love to do Teaching Textbooks also but I'm going to hold off at least one more year due to the cost and that fact that I have all 6 years of Horizons.
Our modified schedule is also working for us. Since we are winding down the year, it seems we're wrapping up another subject every week and our school time is shorter, so we declared we'd all like to sleep in a bit more. And we are. And that makes us all very happy. Very.

Things I’m working on…
Whittling down my stack of "to be graded" papers. Updating Ms. Books high school transcript. Cleaning up the school room and packing away books. Putting the final touches on the kids yearly binders. Enjoying these slower paced days.
And- because I can't help myself, working on creating a new scheduling sheet for Ms. Books for next year. Because I'm putting together her curriculum all by myself (except for a large chunk of her language arts).

I’m reading…
Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Colossians ( in the NLT, NIV and The Message). And a bunch of freebies that I don't remember the names of on my Kindle. [Thank you Inspired Reads].

I’m grateful for…
Homeschooling and what it means to our family. 
Ms. Books is finishing her freshman year and I am so thankful that homeschooling gives us so much time together. Homeschooling saved our relationship. Truly. [I must tell you about it sometime.] I do not want to even begin to think how things would be if we didn't take the radical step of bringing her home six years ago. She is an amazing and confident young woman who is also tenderhearted and quick to lend a helping hand. She is a mentor of younger girls both in our church and elsewhere.

I’m planning and plotting....
Next year's planning is 99% done! Check out what we're going to be studying right here.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
This right here is why I buy vinegar in 5 gallon jugs and baking soda in 4 pound boxes. It also explains why a box of 250 ziploc baggies dwindled down to 10 in the space of a few days time...

Want to try it out yourself? Great how to right here:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Oh, yes- we are Pinterestin' Homeschoolers.


  1. Think I am going to have to look into that Do Hard Things book. It keeps popping up.

  2. Ha! We did that ziplock bag thing last summer- it does cut in to the bag supply! That is wonderful that your husband is so supportive. I know I would have such a hard time if mine was not. It good to know that he is in it with us through good and bad! I'll watch for your summer bucket list. I love to see what others are doing.

  3. Oops on the paint! While the kids and I were visiting family away, my husband decided to paint the stairwell (to go upstairs). It was supposed to be the light GRAY paint, but it was light LAVENDER. He hadn't turned on the lights because it was HOT. Oops! LOL

    I'm also planning our last day celebrations! Fun, huh? I'm hoping that the weather will cooperate and we can have a picnic at the state park and enjoy a nice day in the sun and water with our favorite summer yums. But I also might have us work on a Summer Bucket List too!

    Off to see what you're studying next year! My oldest will be starting high I keep checking out what others are doing for high school!

  4. thanks for sharing about Teaching Textbooks - we're going to use it next year!!



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