Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good girls need grace... lots o' grace

This is the book that I talked about...
and here.

This is the book I am re-reading for the fourth time.
This is the book I bought my sister for her birthday because I soooooo very badly wanted someone who knows and understands me and who knows what it is to be a "good girl" to read it with me.
So that I'd have someone to talk about it with... in depth. To break it down with the breaking of pieces of me and my own itty bitty strength and grow.... to be accountable with and to encourage each other....

So I gave the book to my sis for her birthday. She wasn't exactly sure why I thought she needed it... then she opened it and found herself right there between the lines. She's the mother of a toddler so she doesn't have much time on her hands. We've waded through the first four chapters together when she has time... a little bible/book study over the phone. Its been great when she's been able to find the time but like I said- mother of a toddler...
So imagine my amazed delight and downright giddiness when I read on Emily's blog that she was starting a summer book club based on her book.

Oh bestillmyeverlovinheart.

Every Thursday through June and July, Emily will be writing about Grace for the Good Girl on her blog. 
Here's the schedule:
  • June 7th --- Chapters 1-3
  • June 14th --- Chapters 4-6
  • June 21st --- Chapters 7-9
  • June 28th --- Chapter 10
  • July 5 --- Chapter 11-12
  • July 12 --- Chapter 13-14
  • July 19th --- Chapter 15-16
  • July 26th --- Chapters 17-18

It is my hope and plan to soak it all up on Emily's blog every Thursday and then share my thoughts here at A Contented, Common Life with all of you.
This is me-- inviting you to join in the conversation here every Thursday.
Let's grow together!


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