Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bucket list sneak-a-peek

The kiddos and I are meticulously going over our summer bucket list....
Oh the plans we have!
They're striving for a list numbered to 100. So far we've got 81 things on our list
Here's a peek... the first 36 things on our list...

Last Day of School family cook-out and lawn game night
End of school year camp-out with our homeschool group
Learn how to cook something new
have a water balloon fight 
go to a baseball game 
go geocaching or letter boxing
visit a museum or art gallery 
go bowling 
summer reading at the library
go to the beach 
make homemade lemonade
make homemade ice cream 
Family camping trips- one, two, three
Parades and fireworks
family hikes
firefly catching
campfire cooking (done it but we'll do it again... and again!)
Civil War Reenactments
Car show
Tractor pull
Raspberry Picking
Blueberry Picking
Mud pie making
Make freezer jam
Frog Catching
Nature Study
Draw/write in our nature journals
Summer Art Projects- glue on canvas/collage and more
Plot out and play a monster game of croquet as a family
Visit Farmers Markets (at least 3 different ones!)
Cut some pretty flowers from the side of the road
Bake something for the neighbors
Go putt-putt golfing

Yes, there is more.... hope to be sharing more from the list very soon. As you can see, we've already knocked a few things off the list. The homemade ice cream was so yummy (and made enough that we filled a 5 quart pail and enjoyed it for days) that we'll be experimenting with a few more recipes.

I've also created a nifty board on Pinterest just for our Summer Bucket List ideas.

Here's a glimpse at some of our Must Do ideas from Pinterest:

The girls really want to make one of these for their room... so pretty with the scrapbook paper on top.

We've made these once already and they taste super wonderful and look ohso fancy

And we've decided this is the year of the donut... 
the year we finally attempt to make homemade doughnuts
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

And water wars.... we're planning some serious water wars.
Which you can't have without some homemade water bombs/sponge balls:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I really want us to take the time to write out some of our favorite scriptures
in a smash book/journal format:

It would be a great family treasure.... to look back on the scriptures that spoke to our hearts in 2012....

I need to start buying pop in 2 liter bottles for this one--
our take on it: fill with water and add glowsticks for backyard glow bowling:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Just one more for now...
We love us some good food around here and if you look at our bucket list board on Pinterest you'll see lots of foodie pins for recipes we want to try.... like this dip:

Have you sat down with pen and paper and made your list yet?
Oh you must!
Need ideas- check out my bucket list board, google "summer bucket list ideas", and don't forget a search on Pinterest for oodles and oodles of other's great ideas for tons of summer fun!


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