Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WWIW: Cardi love and how we didn't get new Easter outfits

Easter Sunday
White Top: Pick your Plum
Cardi- GW
Brown Skirt: borrowed from Ms. Books (its from GW)
Shoes: GW
Necklace: Premier Designs
Earrings: 3 pack for $3 Wal-mart special
Bracelets: Meijer clearance awhile back
Sigh- lousy photo. 10 photos taken and this was the best one. That's me in a corner of my newly painted kitchen though- which is remarkably lovely. That flooring is gonna go this week...
I want to mention that this cardigan is absolutely lovely. It has a light green lace trim down the front that comes out with bow too. Very pretty. This photo doesn't do me of the outfit justice.

With that said- I want to show  this lovely picture of my family decked out in their Easter finery.

Easter Sunday... the whole gang er, I mean family
On Sassafras: black tank (borrowed from Sis via GW) dress with cardi- brand spankin' new from Wal-mart, bracelets borrowed from Mama (cute black flip flops with black floppy flowers on them that you can't see in photo- Walmart)
On Mr. Steady: everything is from the way back of his closet- the suit pants and shirt came from JCP eons ago and the tie was a gift from me when we were first married
Mr. Conductor:  Blue dress shirt- GW, [What you can't see: Black dress pants- GW, black dress shoes  passed down from my Dear Sweet Friend] Tie- Brand spankin' new from Lolo's Boutique on Etsy- it's called "the Wil" and I abso-positootly love it (in fact we bought 2  ties- The Wil & The Dawson).
Ms. Books: Purple top- borrowed from Mama (purchased ages ago), white lace tank- Birthday gift (I picked it up at Wal-mart), skirt- GW (from the back of her closet- we don't think she wore it at all last year)
What you can't see: brown heels borrowed from Mama.

That's our Easter- I bought new earrings for me that equaled out to $1 a pair, a new dress and shoes for Sassafras for $20 and a tie for Mr. C for $12.00. $33.00 total.

Are you wondering why Sass got a new outfit and nobody else did?
She was baptized! Mr. Steady and I felt that kind of public statement called for some new duds to celebrate.
Wondering why we don't buy new clothes for Easter?
Because Easter isn't about the outfit.
A few years ago, I found myself in a tizzy, stressed from trying to buy everyone new outfits at prices I could afford. I ended up settling on a couple of pieces for prices I really didn't like and we ended up not really wearing the stuff again. I didn't like how the whole episode made me feel. I also know a wonderful lady that wears the exact same outfit every Easter. It's her Easter outfit- only worn on Easter and I think it's wonderful. If she wore something else I think I'd be sad.
So- we may buy a new accessory or tie... but for the most part we make new fresh outfits from what we have on hand and in borrowing from others.
And that makes me happy.
Very happy.

Homeschoolin' [chilly day]
Tank: Meijer
Cardi: American Eagle via GW
Jeans: 9 West via GW
Flats: Route 66 via GW
Scarf: Amazon
Earrings: part of that 3 pack for $3
--- Don't mind the filthy mirror. My photog was out and about and I had to make do. This mirror was in a dusty corner. And no, I still haven't cleaned it. I have, however, added that to my to do list.

Homeschoolin' & a trip to Mendards-
Brown T (long sleeved): Meijer clearance
Top: Meijer with tags on via GW
Cardi: GW
Jeans: Lee Riders from Wal-mart
Boots: old
Earrings: made by me (even if you can't really see them)
Yes, I wore the same cardi for three days this week. I needed me something that felt like comfort wrapped around me and this beauty was just "it" for me. The temps have dropped and I'm back to adding layers and this just makes me happy.

And happy is the best accessory a girl can have.

pleated poppy


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