Monday, April 2, 2012

Working on not fretting or freaking out

The other day I see a very thoughtful look on Mr. Steady’s face and I felt the need to ask him, “What are you thinking about?”
To which he replied, “Just where we’re going to move the stove and fridge while we do the kitchen floor. Any  ideas?”
Me: Schoolroom? [It’s right off the kitchen]
Him: Nope. I measured the door- won’t fit through.
Me: {cringing} The dining room?
Him: I’d rather not, if I can help it. We’ll try the front porch first. We’ll put the Hoosier Cabinet in the dining room.
Me: {audible gulp accompanied by possible cringe} How long will this take? No gas hook up for the stove on the porch…
Him: [shrugging shoulders and continuing to look thoughtful]. Hopefully, with some help, we can get it done in a day.
Me: I’m afraid to calculate that in real remodeling time…
Him: {sheepish grin} Yeah, me too.

This is our life right now. I have never lived so long with such chaos and clutter. I do not like clutter. When my home is cluttered I tend to be grouchy and snappish… and fidgety. It isn’t very pretty.
Currently, I’m working on tunnel vision- not looking at the mess that is my kitchen and dining room but focusing on our mostly nice and neat living room (but ignoring the foodie crumbs on the floor because the vacuum is buried behind kitchen debris). I’m working on being all here when we’re snatching our moments of family time between coats of paint. I’m working to stay focused on the kids during our school time and NOT to go in the kitchen to “just get a little more done”. I'm working on not fretting that I'm getting behind on the laundry or how much the front flower beds need to be weeded, or the tomato seeds started.
I'm working to set those things aside and remember the priorities. God, family, kitchen.

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  1. Amy, been there done that. Except our was the bathroom. Just bought the house, and realized the floor in the bathroom was like a roast beef in the crock pot. Ready to fall apart! We had to rip the whole bathroom to the studs. Took 4 weeks to get it up and running since my hubby works away during the week. Oy! Hang in there! God's got this :)



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