Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIWW: Its the shoes

The kitchen remodeling project continues- so most of my days are spent in paint splatted fanciness.
We're nearing the end of the cabinet project and today I was thrilled to pick out some "normal" clothes to wear.
Looking at the two outfits from this week I can see the lack of clothing options must have been getting to me... as I decided to veer from my normal tried and true footwear and go for some color...
That's interesting.

Tuesday evening- meeting and errand running:
Brown top: Meijer
Plaid top: Meijer via Goodwill
Jeans: GW
Button Bracelet: CL fair booth
Shoes: Merrills via GW

Dontcha think every gal should have at least one pair of red shoes?

Wednesday- kitchen is getting put back together- I can cook! We can eat at the table!
Celebration day! So I dress it up a bit:
Top: Ann Taylor Loft via GW
Cardi- GW
Jeans- GW
Shoes- GW
Bracelet- GW
Necklace- Premier Designs

pleated poppy


  1. Love the shoes & the resourcefull shopping!

  2. Hi Amy, I am very interested in what you are putting on your kitchen floor. I need to replace worn out, damaged linoleum in the bathroom....not sure what to do. I know you have no time for this project now, but I will pass this on for next year to a fellow gardener. We grow seedlings each year, mostly from seeds we have saved from the previous summer. This year I bought a really big Sterilite storage box that has a "clear" (not colored) box and lid. I have used it as a greenhouse. I put the seedlings in it, on a chilly day set it outside on the sunny porch with the lid secured, and take the lid off if it gets warm enough. This idea came from the U of MD "grow it eat it" site.
    We had a mild winter this year. One of the master growers used this type of box, cut the bottom out, and grew lettuce all winter long. He took the lid off on warm days, put it back on for heavy rain or too low of temps. I am going to try that next year. I bought the box at Walmart for $13. It is not truly "clear" but I think you know what I mean. I did not know if enough sunlight would get in through the box, but I have never had seedlings this big or healthy before. It works great. At sundown I put on the lid, secure it, and just slide the box into the house. The lid also keeps our cat out of the seedlings.
    The other thing I did different this year is to plant the seeds directly into compost from our compost pile instead of using the "soil-less planting medium bag stuff" that is recommended. Anyway I have reusable potting trays, and I only spent about $5 on seeds this year, mainly lettuce seeds. Everything else was saved seeds.
    I can't wait to see your kitchen. Please keep posting pictures as you go.

  3. What a wonderful gardening tip, Lynne! Thanks so much for sharing- I'm so gonna try this idea... maybe not this year but definitely the next.
    As for the flooring- we purchased a laminate wood flooring from Menards called Italian Walnut.



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