Saturday, April 14, 2012

This week's grocery shopping

Meijer [2 trips]
Easter family dinner splurges:
1 gallon half lemonade/half ice tea $3.69
2 pkgs buns $1.98 ($.99 each)
4 bags assorted potato chips $10.00
Hawaiian Bread dinner rolls 2 pkgs $4.00
Other purchases:
Eckrich Bologna $1.88
Meijer Vinegar 2 gallons $5.24
4 gallons milk $11.96
4 lb box baking soda $2.19
Bath tissue (6 pack) $4.23 (w/tax)
Steak 2.36 lbs. $9.42 {splurge}
Zucchini and summer squash 1.24 lbs. $1.60 {splurge}
32 oz. International Delight Coffee Creamers 2 for $5.00
Total spent: $61.19

The steak and squash/zucchini is for a very special family dinner honoring Mr. Steady (more on that soon). The four gallons of milk were my contribution to our homeschool group's potluck dinner (I ended up bringing 2 gallons home).

Total spent on groceries this week: $61.19

We'll be making a trip to Aldi this week... I sincerely hope.
And I'll be back to some regular ordinary every day cooking in my kitchen this coming week... I most sincerely hope!


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