Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sneak a peek at the kitchen

We are sooooooo very very close to finishing up the kitchen...
Oh how I can NOT wait to be cookin' up a bunch of yummiliciousness in this room...
I've got some swell pins of yums from Pinterest just waiting to be cooked, baked, boiled and fried...

Yesterday the kitchen floor went in.
Here's a sneak:

Our kitchen is a large eat-in kitchen- measuring 13x14 feet. With a 12 foot ceiling.
And every project takes at least 3 days longer than you plan on it taking.
Or two weeks longer... but since we want to do it right and get the best bang for our remodeling buck- we take our time.
And the Lord teaches me more patience.

What did it look like before? Go here.

Today we are adding quarter inch round trim to the baseboards and a lovely thicker trim to the tops of the bead board. I also made my decision about that wall above the sink:

I really made the decision-  because I've started painting it. I don't like that scallop thingie but Mr. Steady says its more trouble than he cares to tackle taking it down... and since the man did everything else in this kitchen just the way I wished it- I'm letting it go.

The towel bar under the sink idea... I got it off Pinterest.

I've also got a nifty rag rug to put on the floor at the sink...
And I've got another idea percolating for adding a splash of color above those sink windows...
And my girls brought me a big ol' bouquet of sweet smelling lilacs, which I put in a blue Ball jar and cannot wait to set on the kitchen table once its back in the kitchen....
Hoping to share a full reveal soon!

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  1. Oh cute! It already looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!



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