Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Frugal Grocery Spending: Week Four

The kitchen remodel continues… having never remodeled a kitchen ever before, Mr. Steady and I should have padded our time table and planned better. But alas, we did not. The counter top job that took my sink out of commission was to be a 3 day event. It was six. The Backsplash that was to be done in an afternoon? Two days. And just when I thought I’d be back in the kitchen cooking, we decided to move forward and attack the kitchen cabinets. Our original plan of working on the cabinets on our enclosed porch has had to change to cabinet doors on my kitchen and dining tables. The rest of the dining room is full of kitchen “stuff” and I’m finding it hard to find a sane, quiet spot in the midst of this crazy chaos. The menu plan that had started out so well, quickly went downhill with the continuing kitchen reno. I’ve been busy helping Mr. Steady work on the project- no time to cook or bake (and Ms. Books has been unavailable). My menu plan went out the window and we ate take-out twice this week. Twice. The take-outs were funded by money Mr. Steady had set aside for “a rainy day” or as it turned out to be “set aside for  take-out when the kitchen is torn up and my wife is about to cry”. My grocery budget is right at the line. I forgot to calculate in the Easter candy and we splurged on some “higher grade” picnic foodie staples to make our fifth and sixth sandwich meals eaten on the living room floor more fun… or at least a difference in taste.

Ibuprofen $7.40
Assortment of Easter Candy $20.76
Suave Deoderant $5.27
2 tubes Toothpaste $6.28 
Total Spent: $39.71

We bought the BIG bottle of Ibuprofen- considering how long this kitchen project is lasting… we felt is was a wise purchase.

Meijer [2 trips]
Romaine Lettuce 1.32 lbs. $2.23
10 lb. Russet Potatoes $3.99
Bananas 2.83 lbs. $1.50
Tomatoes 1.18 lbs. $1.76
Pint strawberries $2.50
Celery 2 @ $1.50=$3.00
Raisins $1.89
Coffee-mate 32 oz. Creamer $2.99
Meijer 32 oz. Vanilla Yogurt $1.93
8 pack Mini sub buns- whole wheat $2.99 {splurge}
Meijer Chunk Cheese $5.39
1 lb. Deli Honey Roasted Ham $5.76 {splurge}
Country Time Lemonade concentrate 2 @ $2.37= $4.74
1 Gallon Lemonade Ice Tea $3.29 {splurge}
Meijer brand 32 oz. coffee creamer $2.00
Meijer brand potato chips 3 bags @ $2.00=$6.00
Meijer brand bagged cereal (cocoa puffs) $4.99
Total Spent: $56.95

.... Fancifying our living room floor picnic with sharp cheddar cheese, fancy whole wheat sub buns and honey roasted ham. And our favorite flavors of chips- salt & vinegar, wavy, garlic & parmesan. Plus a gallon of that Arnold Palmer's 1/2 and 1/2 Lemonade Ice Tea. That's how we splurge.

Flour tortillas (10 pk) $.99
Beef Gravy $1.19
Italian Wedding Soup 5 cans @ $1.29= $6.45
French Vanilla 32 oz. Coffee Creamer $2.29
Roma tomatoes $1.19
Applesauce $1.29
1 gallon milk $2.89
Potato Chips (salt & vinegar & wavy) 2 @ $1.49 =$2.98
Total Spent: $19.27
This was a quick pop-in trip. We were at Menard's across the road buying the kitchen flooring and stopped in because we knew we needed some stuff- like milk. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what all was on my list at home... but we hit the high points and I felt our trip was more efficient because we made more than one stop. Plus we were able to get gas for $3.89/gal that day too...

Grand Total spent this week on groceries: $115.93

Total spent so far this month on groceries: $292.27
Budgeted amount for 4 weeks:  $300.00

I can NOT believe we've kept ourselves within the budget! I thought for sure we were breakin' the bank. Its gonna be tough to keep it in line this week. I've run out of some staples and we don't have the time in our schedule for the real (aka monthly stock-up trip I need to make to Aldi. Plus I'm overdue for our quarterly trip to the Amish store for other staples.
My plan is to squeeze in a bit of time perusing the local store fliers for some hopeful holiday sales to help keep this together just a bit longer... 'til that kitchen is done. 


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