Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Frugal Grocery Spending: Final Week

Week Five
The last week of the experiment and I bomb it. That’s right- I went over budget. I have to admit that this penny pinching mama was seriously irritated by that fact. Mr. Steady just shrugged his shoulders, blamed the kitchen redo (which is exactly why my budget burst) and said we’d be back on track after it’s finished.
I may have muttered, “We better be,” to myself. I’m a stickler when it comes to the budget- that’s how we make all the ends meet and tie up in nice little bows!
I seriously need to make a trip to Aldi but it just hasn’t been possible with our remodeling project, church functions and school. 

Suave Shampoo $.79
Suave Conditioner $.79 (for homemade fabric softener)
Suave Conditioner (bigger bottle- for hair) $1.46
Suave Body Wash $1.50
Tax on 4 above items: $.27
Powerade 2 @ $.95= $1.90 {splurge}
Sweet Onions 2.56 lbs. $2.53 (99 cents/lb.)
16 oz Sour Cream (lite) 2 @ $1.69= $3.38
50 oz jar Meijer brand Applesauce $2.09
Craisins $2.49
Meijer Margarine (big tub) $2.89
Celery $1.50
Potato Bread $3.29 {splurge}
Pork chops $3.60
Meijer honey ham $3.88
Red potatoes 5 lbs. $3.99 {splurge}
Meijer bag cereal- Honey Nut O’s $4.99
Meijer fudge frosting $1.32
2 dozen eggs $2.98
5 lbs. butter quarters $8.95 ($1.79/lb)
Meijer Double O’s cookies $2.29
Meijer 5 lb. sugar $2.69
1 pkg Meijer Buns $1.50
Meijer chunk cheese- Mozzarella $3.99
Meijer chunk cheese- Cheddar $3.99
1 gallon milk $2.50
Jimmy Dean 1 lb. pork sausage 2 @ $2.50= $5.00
Meijer Trail Mix $5.59 {splurge}
3 lb. Meijer frozen chicken breast $6.99
Total Spent: $89.13

That’s $14.13 over budget. I know that’s not a lot but it’s still over and that bums me out. Interestingly enough- the splurge purchases total $14.77. It’s the splurging that sent me over. So why didn’t I put the splurge purchases back and stay within my budget? The kitchen redo and a sister+friend visit. The powerades and trail mix were for Mr. Steady and I as we work our tushkies off redoing the kitchen. You need power snacks for power breaks. The bread was my contribution to lunch when we had our quarterly Girls Day at my home with my sister and a dear friend. We made gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches- oh the yum. It was planned that I would make homemade bread but we hadn’t factored in that we’d still be working on the kitchen. So I gulped a lot and purchased this seriously expensive bread. I have this to add: those sandwiches were amazing (mine was  a Margarita grilled cheese- fresh mozzarella topped with tomato and basil- delish!) The pork chops and red potatoes were for a celebratory dinner- the half way mark in the kitchen redo and the fact that we could once again cook and eat in the kitchen (if only for a couple of days). I can’t believe I had to buy more cereal. I don’t think I buy this much cereal in 3 months! The flip side is the girls are just about sick of cold cereal. A few days ago, Sassafras found packets of instant oatmeal in the pantry (gifted to us) and has had that for breakfast instead. Ms. Books has been eating yogurt- so much so that I ran out. So- once this flooring is in and the trim is finished this weekend and the kitchen is BACK... we're gonna be making bread and yogurt and granola and some serious stickwithyou breakfasty food.

Grand Total spent this week on groceries: $89.33

Total spent this month on groceries: $381.40
Budgeted amount for 5 weeks:  $375.00

Our grand experiment ends up being $6.40 over budget.
Not awful but I was so hoping to come in under budget.

Take a look at the previous weeks...

Question: Should I keep posting the weekly grocery bill on here?


  1. All the inconveniences will be worth it when the kitchen is done! I enjoy seeing your menu plans and grocery shopping. It helps motivate me to get my menu's for the week done and grocery list made. So, yes, please keep posting them!!! Have a happy week!!

  2. Linda- Thank you for the encouragement. I hope to keep up with the grocery posts as long as life doesn't get away from me.



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