Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Kitchen and sporadic postings

Popping in quick.... two little projects left with the kitchen and we'll be DONE!
Of course, instead of finishing those niggling little final details, we decided to start working on the main bathroom.
Tearing out the ceiling, replacing it, patching and repainting.... you know, regular every day stuff around here these days.
At least we don't have to tear out walls or tear up the floor.

I need to take newer pictures of the kitchen but here's one for now-

The material on the back of the chair has been made into curtains (by Ms. Books) and we now have felt pads under the two chairs that have towels under them in the photo. Plus my butcher block is now to the left of the table.
Our lilacs are almost done, which is sad. But we did so enjoy them while we had them. The girls picked armfuls and filled the house with them. I miss the smell.

Compared to this last update {sneak peek here}: We've added the towel bar (not in above photo), I painted the scallop piece to match the cabinets and the wall behind the scallops the bead board color [Colonial Cobblestone by Dutch Boy].
I have to crunch the final numbers but the entire kitchen remodel including the flooring right to the fabric for the curtains is under $800.
That's a pretty decent price in our estimation.

I am excited that we were able to use the leftover paint from the bead board in the bathroom redo plus I am using the leftover cabinet paint to paint the bathroom vanity.
The bummer is- I do believe I really need to buy new towels now!

Hoping to some day soon be back to my normal posting schedule when the remodeling all finally slows down to a trickle....
Bathroom photos coming soon!


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